VOL. 6 November ISSUE YEAR 2005


in Vol. 6 - November Issue - Year 2005
Peening Accessories GmbH receives Bombardier Approval

The German company was introduced as an approved supplier this year for N, A and C strips to meet the requirement specified by Bombardier according to the SAE J442. Peening Accessories, a manufacturer of Almen strips, blocks, gages and software, was officially accepted as Bombardier’s supplier and will be included in the next revision of EMCM-001 (Bombardier’s supplier approval listing). Aerosphere in Montreal, the official distributor of Peening Accessories for Canada, made a great effort to coordinate the supplier approval.

For Information:
Peening Accessories GmbH
Tel. +41.44.831 2644, www.peeningaccessories.com
AeroSphere Inc., Canada,
Tel: +.1.514.655 4434, www.aerosphere.ca