VOL. 2 June ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - June Issue - Year 2001
Computer Controlled Blasting

Computer controlled blasting on a Guyson RSSA-8

Computer controlled blasting on a Guyson RSSA-8

Guyson International has introduced its Model RSSA-8 rotary automatic blast machine, the first in a series with a multiple-axis PC based motion controller providing integrated closed loop servo motor performance for precision nozzle positioning.

Developed for blasting applications that demand the greatest precision and repeatability, the advanced motion control system makes the machine more flexible than the many PLC-driven models in the manufacturer's line.  The system is network-capable, to enable programming, monitoring and data acquisition from a remote computer terminal.  However, great care has been taken to enhance the user-friendliness of the human/machine interface.

The gantry-style motion system allows extremely accurate motion control and positioning of one or more suction-blast or direct pressure nozzles that is absolutely synchronized with controlled rotation or indexed movement of the RSSA-8's rotary table.  In the manufacturer's multiple-axis traverse design, all servomotors and precision components are sealed and located outside the work enclosure for protection from the potentially abrasive environment of production blasting. Compatible with popular CAD/CAM programming packages for simplified motion program development and downloading of data on components to be blasted, the control system can store and recall processing parameters and coordinated motion routines for a virtually unlimited range of parts.  This capability can eliminate set-up time and the need for any manual adjustment of gun brackets or part-holding fixtures when changing over to process different components.

The flexibility of the PC based motion controller facilitates control integration for a variety of customer design specifications.  For example, the operator interface could be as simple as a pushbutton panel prohibiting access of critical program data while motion program development is done remotely, then downloaded over a network to the controller allowing valuable local human resources to perform more important tasks.  Conversely, the control interface could be designed incorporating a graphical operator interface tailored to     the individual customer's preferences, with display hardware and software options that include standardized CNC controller packages, point and-click functionality or a touch screen display mounted in a streamlined enclosure and adjustable pendant arm configuration.

Blast system users who need to gather and report data such as production statistics, monitored process parameters for quality control, or scheduled machine maintenance will be pleased to find that the PC based controller can support all these functions and more.  A Guyson controls engineer consults on each project as part of the application engineering team to ensure that all such requirements are appropriately addressed.

Prospective users of advanced blasting systems are encouraged to submit sample components for free laboratory testing and evaluation.  In addition to its line of automated blast cleaning and surface finishing equipment, Guyson International is a leading designer and manufacturer of Industrial aqueous cleaning systems for work cell parts washing applications.

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