VOL. 7 January ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - January Issue - Year 2006
Deburring Machines

Straaltechniek International has expanded her delivery program with deburring, or deflashing machines for metal products or work pieces. The machines are filled with an abrasive mass, which is put into motion in a controlled way by means of an adjustable vibration motor, and alters the surface to the desired final treatment.

The abrasive mass consists of a choice of ceramic or plastic, of various hardness's, shapes and dimensions, from straight to round and star-shaped. The inside of the chamber is coated with a polyurethane protective layer. To dry the products which come out of a wet process, a centrifugal thermal drying installation has been developed. Cylindrical and round machines are available with a volume of 130 up to 2200 litre and powers from 0,65 up to 22 kW, of which some are executed with a product separator.
Further machines are developed for polishing, dulling, edge breaking, cleaning and degreasing.
Examples of usage are high quality precision parts for the electronic, automotive and aircraft industry.
Straaltechniek International is a specialised supplier and producer of machinery for surface treatment.

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