VOL. 7 January ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - January Issue - Year 2006
POMETON ESPAÑA, S.A., Spanish subsidiary of the Pometon Group, has started its own web page: www.pometon.net

POMETON is one of the main world producers of powders, granules and steel shot. Leading in innovation, with four factories in Europe and a network of subsidiaries and distributors stretching over five continents, POMETON is the only manufacturer making ferrous and non ferrous products, including all types of steel shot available on the market.
In this context, Pometon España S.A. attempts to open a new channel of communication open to all persons and companies interested in knowing more about its products and applications. The new web page, conceived as an easy access guide, includes both technical and practical aspects, with practical information related to actual experience and advice given to optimize product performance for every application, either in the field of shot blasting or for abrasives in general. All this without forgetting the innumerable applications for metal powders.

In this spirit, POMETON ESPAÑA S.A. is growing with an eye to the future and by keeping in mind its objectives of innovation and customer service.

For Information:
Tel. +34.935 863 629
E-mail: info@pometon.net