VOL. 2 June ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - June Issue - Year 2001
GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd received BOEING BAC 5730 approval

GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd has been very pleased to receive the Boeing approval BAC 5730. The approval procedure exercised by the manufacturer Boeing is probably one of the strictest known in the industry. Since peening is declared to be a special process, all aspects involved are supervised in a detailed manner. The audit was conducted by Mr. Paul Novotne, Boeing's Quality Assurance Manager for the Asia-Pacific Region.

a) Auxiliary Equipment and Consumables: What ever is needed to obtain a  peening process according to Boeing's specification has to pass an incoming examination. But very often the specifications of  the supplier's delivery documentation have to be double checked. E.g., a peening media sample as well as a number of Almen stripes have to be sent to an independent laboratory to reconfirm its hardness. The same applies for the Almen gage. The suppliers certificate which guarantees a calibration is not sufficient, the gauge has to be re-calibrated by an independent source. Even the sieve layers of the Tyler sieve analyzer have to be checked by a calibrated pin gauge to insure its standard.

b) Peening Equipment:
To pass the audit, it has to be proven that all important peening parameters are recorded. A laser pointer has been used to insure that the movements of the CNC axis are within tolerances, even the timers for the programming of the parts are measured with a separate stop watch. All the calibration procedures for the peening pressure and the media flow rate had to be submitted and it was insured that the relevant calibration devices are available. In terms of process safety, the CNC programs had to be protected in such a way, that an operator could not change the programs without having access to a particular key.

c) Training
For the Boeing inspector, it was important, that various different trainings were received by the operators and the supervisor. A classroom training was required to teach general peening know how such as intensity, coverage, peening time, etc.. Furthermore, as well as a machine operation training, a diverse practical training in which one has to peen certain steel and aluminium parts was requested by Boeing. This had to be done in an automated and manual fashion.

The successful audit lasted over two weeks. GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd would like to thank Mr. Novotne for the constructive feed back and knowledge he provided to make the passing of this audit possible. 

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