VOL. 7 March ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - March Issue - Year 2006
New Company Develops Proprietary Metal Granulation Technique

Sheffield, England December 23rd 2005 – A new company has been started to develop and grow products for the specialist blast abrasive market. Pulvis Technology is a new company that has developed a proprietary technology for the granulation of ductile metal products. Metals can be cut down in to a variety of sizes and accurately classified using precise sieving techniques.

The Pulvis technique is being used to produce high quality austenitic blast abrasive. This abrasive offers distinct advantages over its cast competitors because of its dense microstructure and cost effective production methods. Stainless steel media is fully reusable, is clean and does not stain/corrode target substrates like its carbon steel counterparts.  These products are widely used by foundries, forges, fabricators, offshore installations and in architectural stone producers.  

Pulvis Technology Director Scott Wilkinson states, “Today’s grit blaster requires a product that is high quality, has good longevity and is cost effective, this is why initial trials with our media have been such a success.” 

Pulvis Technology is a small, focused R&D company based in Sheffield, England. They specialise in metals granulation, stainless steel blast media and offer a full grit blast R&D solution.  Pulvis are equipped to supply big corporations with abrasive product or work with partner institutions to develop new products and processes.

For Information:
Pulvis Technology Limited 
Scott Wilkinson, Managing Director 
Tel. +44.114 275 0838
E-mail: swilkinson@pulvis.co.uk