VOL. 7 May ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - May Issue - Year 2006
Blasting With The PowerMaster

PowerMaster is a new, patented blasting system that works with compressed air, small amounts of water and – if needed – also with water-soluble granules.


Water-soluble granules are added to the compressed air by means of a dosing unit. Subsequently, little water is added turbulently to the compressed air jet, directly in the pistol. The moistening of the granules with water is before the jet increases the mass weight of the granules and thus the impact force. In addition, the granules, already water-saturated in the fringe areas, burst under the high impact pressure immediately upon hitting the surface.


PowerMaster cleans, strips lacquer and removes coatings powerfully and with low waste. The system works cost-favourably in the low-pressure range between 3 and a maximum of 8 bar compressed air, with a low water consumption of 1 to 2 litres per minute. In this respect, the speed of the jet can be in the subsonic or supersonic range depending on the purpose of use. When using the granules recommended by mycon, even polished high-grade-steel surfaces or light-metal surfaces can be cleaned or their coating removed without visible impairing of the metal surfaces. Foils, paints, lacquers or resins, greases, bituminous layers or separating agents on moulds can be removed caringly, quickly and economically with PowerMaster.
Even on light-metal surfaces, no compressing of material surfaces was determined following blasting, despite the high impact pressure of the granules. PowerMaster can be used for the cleaning of large surface areas with special nozzles of up to 200 mm in width.

When dedusting light dirt, PowerMaster works without the addition of granules. Vehicles, vehicle wheel-rims as well as glass, synthetics or building facades of all forms can be cleaned caringly with high surface power.


The stripping of lacquer from a car with aluminium bodywork using dry ice proved to be uneconomical or not possible, as the thick layers of filler present could not be removed.

PowerMaster stripped the lacquer from the entire vehicle cleanly and removed the filler completely, without any damage or roughening of the aluminium surface. The entire action took one working day. Based on experience, the lacquer-stripping of a motor car without removal of filler, is possible within a blasting time of approx. 4 to 5 hours.

Advice and service

PowerMaster can be adapted specifically to customer's wishes. Various nozzle attachments enable operation of the installation even with small amounts of air. The company will gladly offer advice on how to integrate PowerMaster into your production process.

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