VOL. 7 July ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - July Issue - Year 2006
Heavy Duty Cleaning Power

Peterson Machine Tool announces the newest addition to its complete line of engine rebuilding and cleaning equipment, the TLW 2230.  This top loading parts washer offers versatile cleaning power for washing a wide variety of parts such as starter housings, connecting rods, air conditioning cores, brackets and miscellaneous hardware at an affordable price.
This machine is the perfect parts washer for small spaces or cellular operations, with only a 35" x 37" footprint. Despite its small size, the TLW 2230 offers big cleaning power, capable of cleaning parts up to 29" tall.  The heavy-duty cleaning power and ease of loading make this machine hard to resist.

The high-strength FRP lid is fire retardant and impact resistant to stand up to the toughest conditions. A separate on/off control for pump and heater allows you to maintain water temperature without running the pump, thus saving energy.  The unique steel channel door seals interlock with the lid, eliminating both leakage and rubber seals that wear out.   There is a safety switch that automatically shuts the unit down for operator protection when the door is opened.  The TLW 2230 is powder coated, providing a durable, uniform, high quality finish that helps to increase the life of the machine.

Peterson Machine Tool, Inc. manufactures and distributes the most complete line of engine rebuilding equipment in the United States, including crankshaft grinders, camshaft grinders, boring machines, cylinder hones, spray cleaning machines, cleaning ovens, surface grinders and valve guide/seat machines. 

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