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in Vol. 7 - July Issue - Year 2006
Does Training Really Matter?
Participants of Air Canada Technical Services receiving on-site training

Participants of Air Canada Technical Services receiving on-site training

Seminar provided in collaboration with Rolls Royce Canada

Seminar provided in collaboration with Rolls Royce Canada

This column is a regular feature and is written by one of our MFN trainers or the Editorial Office. Readers are invited to send comments or questions to info@mfn.li. For more information about the trainers, see our website www.mfn.li/workshops.

This is the kind of question one has to ask when deciding what to do for training in shot peening. Why? Before we can answer this question, let’s highlight a few facts. Training is the first and most important part of the indoctrination an employee will get to the trade you will be paying him for. It is also the first glimpse a newly hired or transferred employee will have of your company’s competence in this field of activity. Furthermore, if you have senior personnel, it is the means you are providing for them to better themselves and provide better performance.

But, one time is not enough! Not because you have provided one such training in a seminar is your goal achieved. Training is a long term investment in your resources. The more they get the better return on investment you get. Most of the OEM and organization requires that not only do you provide initial training and certification, but that it is renewed on an annual or bi-annual basis. This ensures that "tribal" knowledge doesn’t take over the trade procedural methodology, and also refreshes your personnel with the latest development in shot peening.

Then the question, where can I get such training?
Make it yourself? Very time consuming, and how will you ensure that what you are teaching your personnel is the correct information. Let’s face it, shot peening is a speciality field and trade schools for such processes are not common, let alone available.

Then what are the options you may ask? MFN training and trainers may be one solution. They are professionals in the field of shot peening and have built one of the most comprehensive and challenging programs yet for beginner / experienced operator and technician alike. This training program is not based on commercial representation of one company or another. It has made sure that the training is solely for education and not to promote any product.
So do you have the responsibility to provide training or are in need of training? Then contact MFN for more detailed information. The MFN training is used around the world by individual companies, not only at our International Workshop and Trade Shows, but directly on their site. Moreover, having the MFN training as a certification and re-certification means, provides your company with the latest in know-how and technological development in your own shop. No need to determine if your training meets your customer requirement, MFN training has been proven compatible with most OEM and airworthiness authorities (FAA certification granted with successful MFN testing) for the shot peening course.

MFN also has a new special training for re-certification. It is a blend of the basic, intermediate and the advanced courses. This refresher course is a one day course that also meets most OEM re-certification training requirements.

So, to answer the question: Does it matter? YES IT DOES!

Recent MFN Shot Peening Training in Canada:

A seminar was provided in collaboration with Rolls Royce Canada which took place during March 2006. Furthermore, training for Air Canada Technical Services was carried out last May. The training was extended not only for the basic course, but also for the intermediate level.

Best Regards
Guy Levasseur

Author: Guy Levasseur