VOL. 7 September ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - September Issue - Year 2006
Efficient Deburring and Polishing for small Components
Figure 1: CFI centrifugal disk system CF 3x50 with autoseparation

Figure 1: CFI centrifugal disk system CF 3x50 with autoseparation

Figure 2: Separator equipment for ferromagnetic work pieces

Figure 2: Separator equipment for ferromagnetic work pieces

Mass production is increasingly important within industry. Nevertheless, quality is still of critical importance even when demanding fast turnaround, high volumes or frequent batch changes. This is particularly true in the manufacture of complex, precision components that may encompass complex shapes or - contain tiny openings. A consistent and uniform finish is essential. To meet such demands from the customers, OTEC Precisionfinish GmbH has developed the CFI centrifugal disk system.

Design Advantages

The CFI range is designed to process the smallest and thinnest of parts. Because of its specially developed ceramic ring system, parts cannot jam or fall through the base of the processing container. The gap between the rotating plate and the workload can be adjusted depending on the size of the parts being processed or the media being used. Thus even the finest granulate like corundum can be used. A smooth yet vigorous flow of parts and media is achieved thanks to the engineered shaping of the processing container. The entire workload receives a uniform finish because even the lightest parts are prevented from sticking to the container sides or from forming "idling nests". Cycle times are extremely short for dry processing. This avoids the need for special cooling (like compressed air or water) when drying or processing in walnut granulate. Even at high rotation speeds, heat generation is minimal. Processing containers vary in size right up to 50 liters. Anyone batch processing and needing to change loads frequently will save time and money by utilizing multiple containers which can be individually programmed or run by pre-sets. The digital controller can be used to configure customized parameters such as run times, compound and water volumes, rinse times and intervals and polishing paste volumes. The machines require no supervision when running.

New Separation

When processing is complete, the fast and efficient separation of work and media is necessary. OTEC has developed a discharging belt for ferromagnetic work pieces which promises a speedy and complete separation process. The belt (Figure 2) is designed to separate large volumes gently yet thoroughly and quickly. Dragging of even the smallest part is prevented. OTEC can also offer a newly developed sifting drawer if manual separation is required for smaller batches.

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