VOL. 7 September ISSUE YEAR 2006

Nadcap Column

in Vol. 7 - September Issue - Year 2006
Nadcap Exceeds 2006 Goal of 3,220 Audits Worldwide
Author: Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Industry Managed Programs, Research & Development at PRI

Author: Arshad Hafeez, Director of Global Business Operations for Industry Managed Programs, Research & Development at PRI

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) announced that the 2006 target of 3,220 Nadcap audits has been exceeded. This is a great achievement and is indicative of the efficiency of the organization and of the increasing worldwide recognition of the Nadcap brand.

Perhaps one of the most important ingredients in the success of Nadcap is that subscribers feel it provides an absolute assurance that special process and product suppliers receive highly effective in-depth audits, while remaining cost-effective.

Dr. Chetan Daté of Honeywell Aerospace, Nadcap Management Council Chairperson, explained “The growing integration of Nadcap into the aerospace industry and its role in special process supplier management is indicative of the commitment to excellence throughout the global aerospace community.”

The commitment of aerospace suppliers is not to be underestimated: the Supplier Support Committee (SSC) is active in encouraging suppliers to participate fully in the Nadcap program and reap the benefits of involvement. SSC Chairperson Dave Michaud of Fountain Plating confirmed: “The SSC supports all suppliers that are either Nadcap accredited or working towards achieving Nadcap accreditation. The primary way in which we do this is via supplier-focused sessions at the quarterly Nadcap meetings, which all suppliers are welcome to attend.”
PRI has achieved this reputation by streamlining processes while maintaining high standards of service. One example of the cutting edge ethos of the organization is the continuing enhancement of the audit-specific website, www.eAuditNet.com, which enables suppliers and subscribers online real time access to the accreditation process, as well as a Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) for quick reference.

To support the suppliers as they work towards Nadcap accreditation, PRI introduced the Nadcap Customer Support Initiative (NCSI) in 2004. Data for 2004-2005 shows that, on average, NCSI attendees incur 33% less major NCRs and 17% less minor NCRs during their initial audits than the overall average for the same period. In addition, it took NCSI attendees 37 supplier days to close out their audit, while the overall average for the same period was 47 supplier days to close out an audit. NCSI is a free web-based training program which assists suppliers in learning about the Nadcap system, enabling them to achieve accreditation more efficiently.

PRI is committed to efficiency and accessibility of information. The surpassing of the target of 3,220 audits at this stage is proof of the dedication of all Nadcap stakeholders to special process and product quality throughout the global aerospace industry.

Author: Arshad Hafeez