VOL. 7 September ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - September Issue - Year 2006
Tailor-made Blasting Technology

Blasting sheets, profiles, tubes, constructions and small parts economically is the main focus of AGTOS a manufacturer of shot blast machines from D-48282 Emsdetten. The company will be present at the EUROBLECH fair held in Hanover 24.-28th of Oct. 2006.
New systems are created and manufactured according to the special indications of the customer. Thereby solid high performance turbines and low maintenance filter technology enable them to work economically. Blasting machines which are mainly manufactured in sturdy screwed constructions have further detailed advantages. It is significant that the components which are very important for the maintenance work are easy to achieve. The fair staff informs the visitors by means of many projects of all blast machine types (such as roller conveyor blast machines, hanger-type blast machines) as well as special constructions.
If use of a  blast machine is sufficient AGTOS offers a wide range of machines of different design and  size. These machines are refurbished, modernized or reconstructed at the buyer’s request. Furthermore, these machines are often supplemented and up valued by modern AGTOS blasting technology.
Service – a great topic in the field of blasting technology – comprises several components. If requested, the operability of the blasting machines is verified. The customer receives a report with proposals and to optimize the performance of the blast machine. Spare-and wear parts for blasting machines of different manufacturers are provided and assembled. AGTOS has a great network of agents and distribution partners at home and abroad.

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