VOL. 7 September ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - September Issue - Year 2006
Complete Line of Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Viking Blast & Wash Systems announces the release of its newest addition to their complete line of industrial cleaning equipment, the GC72. This high pressure, pass through washer incorporates a powered, galvanized chain-belt conveyor, with variable speeds ranging between 3-18 feet per minute. The heavy-duty 12-gage cabinet construction is fully insulated for energy efficiency and quiet operation. Other features include an automatic float/fill reservoir level control and a 7-day timer. Entrance and exit conveyors, steam exhaust blowers, and oil skimmers are available, as well as many other options to increase production and provide you with the best cleaning process for your application.  Custom engineering is also available upon request.

When it comes to cleaning, Viking Blast and Wash Systems offers one of the broadest ranges of batch style cabinet blasters and pass through conveyances of any manufacturer, including spinner hangers, roller table, pass through monorail, vibratory degreasing, tumble blast, rotary table, chainbelt, pass through washers, and replacement parts and media. 

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