VOL. 7 November ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - November Issue - Year 2006
ASCOJET – Cleaning with Dry Ice
Powerful but gentle cleaning of an ingot mould

Powerful but gentle cleaning of an ingot mould

Many companies already know the advantages of cleaning with dry ice and successfully use this non-abrasive, dry and environmentally friendly cleaning method in a wide range of applications. Cleaning printing machines, conveyer belts, production machines e.g. in the food industry, veteran cars, tools, moulds e.g. ingot moulds, core boxes, high pressure die casting moulds, tyre moulds etc., or facility management are only a few of the many possible application fields of this technology.
Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd specializes in efficiently integrating the dry ice blasting technology into the daily working process of its customers to further increase its quality and flexibility and create individual cleaning solutions. Such solutions can include in-house dry ice production, noise control booths or automation projects.

Meet ASCO at Parts2Clean 2006 in Friedrichshafen, Germany 07-09.11.2006, Hall B1, Stand D422 / E525.

For Information:
Marco Pellegrino, Manager Dry Ice Blasting
Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd, Switzerland
Tel. +41.71.466 80 80
E-mail: pellegrino@ascoco2.com