Nadcap Column

in Vol. 8 - January Issue - Year 2007
Nadcap Auditor Recruitment
Jamie L. Heusey, Auditor Development Specialist Industry Managed Programs

Jamie L. Heusey, Auditor Development Specialist Industry Managed Programs

Joanna Leigh, Operation Specialist (Europe)

Joanna Leigh, Operation Specialist (Europe)

Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products and provide continuous improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries.

RI has set its own goal of 30% excess auditor capacity at any given moment in order to accommodate all Nadcap audits appropriately. There are currently approximately 150 Nadcap Auditors from around the globe of whom almost 10% are Shot Peen auditors. A Nadcap auditor performs Special Process audits, completes audit reports and sometimes will have the opportunity to train new auditor candidates.

There are many reasons to become a Nadcap Auditor such as the opportunity to work for a high profile aerospace company, enabling a unique insight into how the industry works together on special process quality. Auditors also contribute to the continual improvement of the aerospace industry by sharing their expertise with the aerospace suppliers that are audited by Nadcap. In addition, there is the opportunity to travel all over the world and experience new cultures. Another benefit of being a Nadcap auditor is the flexibility to control your own work schedule, accommodating all your commitments. All Nadcap auditors are assigned access to a state-of-the-art online auditing program designed to make their job easier. Finally, there are various financial incentives associated with being a Nadcap auditor: one is a merit-based performance incentive, another provides compensation allocated when audits are rescheduled on short notice.

In general, a Nadap auditor candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a technical field, an understanding of Aerospace and Quality systems, familiarity with Prime Contract specifications, computer skills and the ability to travel worldwide. Being able to speak and understand more than one language is a plus, as approximately 25% of the 3,600 Nadcap audits performed in 2006 were in non-anglophone countries.

The Recruitment Process

If the candidate passes the prescreen requirements (see sidebar for Shot Peen specific details), they are informed via email and will proceed to the next step in the process. This is a review of the candidate’s information by the appropriate Technical Staff Engineer. Once approved, an initial informative phone call will be made to discuss the position and answer any questions the candidate may have. Finally, a technical interview with the appropriate Task Group is conducted. The Task Group panel includes special process expert representatives from the major aerospace companies and may also include aerospace supplier delegates. After the interview, as long as the candidate is approved, a minimum of two training audits are scheduled with qualified training auditors. These training auditors make sure that the trainees are conducting technically sound audits while also making sure the trainee understands the importance of their role as a Nadcap Auditor at a supplier facility.

Chee Soon Lum, Nadcap Shot Peening Auditor states: “I would recommend becoming a Nadcap auditor to anyone who is dedicated to the aerospace industry. It is a rewarding experience working with a world class aerospace organization that strives for competitive excellence. I enjoy the work and feel that PRI’s services are of enormous value to the aerospace industry.”

If this type of position interests you, it’s very easy to get started.  Potential auditors must apply online via our web based candidate tracking system, www.eAuditStaff.com

Should you have any specific questions regarding becoming a Nadcap Auditor, please contact Jamie Heusey at +1 724 772 1616 Extension 8582 or Wendy Grubbs +1 724 772 1616 Extension 8647.

The following are the specific pre-screen requirements for a Shot Peening Auditor: 

-Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgy, Materials Science, Chemistry or related field

-Minimum two (2) years of  hands on experience (preferably in the Aerospace Industry) with one or more of the following Shot Peening processes - Automated Shot Peening, Computer Controlled Shot Peening, Flapper Peening, Peen Forming or Manual shot Peening

-Field Auditing experience (Aerospace preferred)

-Understanding of SAE, AMS and Prime Contractor Shot Peening specifications

-Understanding of General Quality System Requirements

Author: Jamie L. Heusey, Auditor Development Specialist Industry Managed Programs & Joanna Leigh, Operation Specialist (Europe)