in Vol. 8 - January Issue - Year 2007
Rösler Acquires Baiker Maschinenbau AG
Shot peening system for processing components of turbines

Shot peening system for processing components of turbines

With the acquisition of Baiker AG the surface technology specialist, Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH, takes another step in its strategic expansion policy. After Vapor Blast, a renowned French manufacturer specialised in civil and military aviation and space industry applications, was integrated into the Rösler group in 2004, the acquisition of Baiker AG now completes the picture.

For more than 70 years Baiker, based in Zurich, has been building shot blast systems for shot peening, peen forming, wet shot blasting and blast cleaning with special emphasis in the areas of CNC and robot-controlled systems for aviation and automobile applications. The world’s leading aviation and automobile companies, such as Airbus, Rolls Royce, MTU, Lufthansa or Volvo and BMW are among Baiker AG’s regular customers. Baiker AG offers a similarly comprehensive product and system range as Rösler and extends Rösler’s shot peening product spectrum by some important details. As both companies’ key competences are focussed on developing custom-tailored special solutions for the aviation and automobile industry, customers will benefit from more flexibility, higher degrees of automation and better service. The development, construction and production of Baiker’s product range will be integrated into the Rösler group.

In the last three years, Rösler, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in the fields of vibratory finishing and shot blast technology, was able to increase its turnover in the area of shot blast technology continuously by more than 20% each year. As the financial year ended both company divisions together achieved an approx. 20% growth in turnover to 190 million Euro. This continuously positive turnover development can also be attributed to the fact that everything, from development and construction to production and distribution all the way up to service is concentrated under one roof at the German site. In order to ensure proximity to its customers, the Rösler group operates a worldwide production and distribution network comprising 12 branch offices and more than 60 representations.

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