VOL. 8 January ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - January Issue - Year 2007
New Official MFN Trainer for Laser Peening
Official MFN Trainer David F. Lahrman

Official MFN Trainer David F. Lahrman

MFN is dedicated to providing the best possible training in metal finishing and continually updates its education program to make sure that we can educate you on current and new finishing technologies.
We now have the ability to instruct you about laser peening.  Laser peening is a production process that has been in use since 1997.  It has a number of advantages for treating fatigue critical areas on metallic components by providing deep compressive residual stress near the surface to improve its resistance to fatigue, stress corrosion cracking or fretting fatigue.
MFN is very pleased to have recently recruited David Lahrman to join the MFN trainer team.  He has the background to teach you about laser peening.  Including David, MFN has 20 trainers from 13 different countries and is able to offer workshops in English, French, German and Chinese.

Biography of  David F. Lahrman

David Lahrman is the Director of Business Development at LSP Technologies, Inc. He joined the company in 1999 with extensive experience in materials development. At LSP Technologies, Inc., he has been involved in the development and application of the LaserPeen® process to metallic structures such as aircraft turbine engines. 
Mr. Lahrman earned a B.S. degree in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and an M.S. degree Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He has 19 patents in materials, material processes and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and has over 25 technical publications in materials and process development. 

He has experience in physical metallurgy and development of high temperature structural materials such as nickel-base superalloys, intermetallics, and intermetallic matrix composites for application in aircraft gas turbines. While at GE Aircraft Engines, he worked in the areas of directional solidification, brazing, forging and rolling etc.  Through his involvement in the MIL-HDBK-5 program while working at Battelle, he became familiar with materials and processes for aircraft structural applications.

At LSP Technologies, Inc. Mr. Lahrman has been involved in the development and application of the LaserPeen® process for a variety of industrial and government components. He is currently responsible for marketing the Companies’ LaserPeen® process for a broad range of applications from aerospace to medical applications. For more information see www.mfn.li/trainers.