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Solutions With A Future
Robert Pauli, owner of Pauli Systems

Robert Pauli, owner of Pauli Systems

RAM 35 Blast Cabinet System

RAM 35 Blast Cabinet System

Media Metering Valve Accuflow

Media Metering Valve Accuflow

An interview with Robert Pauli, owner of Pauli Systems

(?) MFN: First of all, thank you Mr. Pauli for taking time from your hectic schedule to share some insights into your innovative company with our readers. Given the name of your company, Pauli Systems, you must be the founder of the company. When did you start the company and why?

(!) R. P.: I founded Pauli Systems, Inc. in 1996, with the purpose of designing and manufacturing equipment for non-sand abrasives. Particularly interesting to me was the market for chemical free dry-paint-stripping equipment, which became possible with the development of modern plastic and starch based media. In about 1998, we expanded our range of equipment to handle metal abrasive. In the past three years, the company has become an important source of environmental booths for low-observable coatings. (Low-observable coatings are those used on "stealth" aircraft to avoid radar detection.) We categorize our product line as surface finishing systems.

(?) MFN: We like the tag line at your web site "Solutions with a Future". From what we know about your company, it’s a very apt description. Tell us how you developed this marketing message.

(!) R. P.: Liquid chemical paint stripping chemicals, mainly methylene chloride, were identified by the U.S. Department of Defense as the primary source of hazardous waste in the government, as well as carcinogenic and damaging to human heart, liver, lungs and central nervous systems.

The "solutions with a future" idea sprang from the realization that Pauli Systems equipment would not merely be a band-aid temporary fix to the problem, but could eliminate an entire class of dangerous substances from workers and the environment.

(?) MFN: Can you give us a brief review of your product line?

(!) R. P.: The patented Pauli Systems Dense Particle Separator, capable of removing dense particle contaminants from less dense aircraft qualified paint removal dry media, is the standard of the dry stripping (PMB - plastic media blast) industry. By eliminating contaminants from media, maintenance facilities using the Pauli Systems' Dense Particle Separator easily meet aircraft manufacturers' and military specifications for media cleanliness. The highly efficient system separates and collects dense contaminants such as sand, metallic particles and other heavy debris. Our patented reclaiming process includes aerodynamic separation via a cyclone centrifuge, dual adjustable air wash, vibrating screens, de-ionizer, magnetic separator and fluidized bed dense particle trap.

The FanBlast Nozzle is an item of which I am quite proud. It is the first practical abrasive blast nozzle that has a "flat pattern". At least two major aerospace companies and one of the largest research organizations in the U.S. tried to solve the "flat pattern" nozzle dilemma using computational fluid dynamics, but all attempts fell short of the more simple, and patented, Pauli FanBlast Nozzle. The benefits of a flat pattern are numerous: FanBlast nozzles reduce media consumption, cut production time in half, and they eliminate overblasting and hot spots common with conventional nozzles.
The Pauli Systems RAM 35 blast cabinet system is, to my knowledge, the only cabinet blast system in the U.S. that conforms to the ventilation standards of the ACGIH, the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. To meet this standard required a new approach to dust collector systems used with cabinet applications. The Pauli Systems RAM 35 is just one of the many blast systems we offer.

The AccuFlow media metering valve for soft abrasive applications offers accuracy and repeatability to 0.2%, as well as pulse-free starting, something unique in our field. We like to say that working with the AccuFlow is "like working with a surgeon's scalpel instead of a butter knife". It can give your facility sharp accuracy, exact control and repeatable performance previously unavailable. We powered-up our RAM Systems with AccuFlow technology to provide a high production environment that surpasses anything in the industry.

We cover our full product line in great detail at our web site, www.paulisystems.com, and I encourage your readers to visit the web site and contact us with any questions. I guess to sum up our product line, we're enabling the new age of surface finishing with a commitment to Master Quality Performance. And we're offering it in a wide variety of options ranging from cabinets and blast systems to a complete turnkey system with ancillary equipment and training. 

(?) MFN: Are your products and services distributed globally? Is global support available for your products?

(!) R. P.: Pauli products are sold and supported in the USA, Europe, Asia and South America.

(?) MFN: How are your products better than your competitors?

(!) R. P.: Pauli Systems is as much an engineering company as a manufacturer. We design and build equipment that is hearty, clever and simple to operate profitably for decades. (Again, "Solutions with a Future"!) We manufacture the equipment ourselves in our Fairfield, California, USA factory, which gives us hands-on control throughout the process. Lastly, every piece has my name on it, and I take that seriously.

We at MFN would like to thank Mr. Robert Pauli for this interview.

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