VOL. 8 March ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - March Issue - Year 2007
Michele Bandini (Ph.D.) To Become Scientific Advisor for MFN
Scientific Adviser Michele Bandini (Ph. D.)

Scientific Adviser Michele Bandini (Ph. D.)

For its training program, MFN divides a team of over 20 members into Official Trainers and Scientific Advisors. All of them teach a particular or several topics, however, the title Scientific Adviser is reserved for persons who have a well documented scientific background.  Most of them still have good connections to various Universities or are presently teaching at such institutes.

So far MFN had with Heribert Gray (Ph.D.), Eckehard Müller (Ph.D.) and Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.) a total of three Scientific Advisors. They have been with MFN for many years. MFN is very glad that Michele Bandini, who is well known throughout the industry, accepted the request to join us as a Scientific Adviser! Being a native Italian speaker, Michele will, besides others, also improve MFN's training means within the Italian market.

Biography of Michele Bandini

Michele Bandini was born in Ravenna, Italy in 1962. General manager of Peen Service in Bologna, Italy Michele has been involved in Shot Peening since receiving his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1990. He has been involved in several studies concerning either shot blasting or shot peening surface treatments and in particular the shot peening application and benefits as R&D engineer of Norblast. He has been co-author of several theses concerning Shot Peening Process, Benefits and Application. Michele teaches at the Mechanical Engineering University of Bologna and Milan in Italy. He is in charge of the shot peening technology transfer in the company Ipar Blast, an associate company of Peen Service in Spain. He is also a specialist of residual stress measurements with the X-Ray Diffraction Technique and offers his knowledge and experience to the design department of Peen Service’s customers and cooperates with them to solve their problems by shot peening.
For more information about the MFN team see www.mfn.li/trainers.