VOL. 2 August ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - August Issue - Year 2001
Robotic Peener for CRMA, Subsidiary of AIR FRANCE

In the Spotlight

CRMA offers the full aircraft engine maintenance capability including surface preparation, plasma spraying and peening.

Aerospace surface preparation and shot-peening specialist, USF Wheelabrator Sisson-Lehmann - part of the USF Surface Preparation Group - has designed and manufactured an advanced universal robotic shot-peening system for the CRMA aeroengine repair and maintenance facility in Elancourt - France.

Representing the state-of-the-art in aerospace shot peening, the new robotic system can process the widest variety of parts from aeroengines of any manufacturer, to improve or restore their resistance to fatigue. These include turbine discs, fan discs, compressor rotor disk, spools, blade aerofoils and roots, as well as side links, sway links, thermal links and components such as gears and shafts, made from Inconel 718, steel and titanium. Parts processed include those for the CF6-50, CF6-80 and CFM 56 aeroengines. S110 and S170 steel shot will normally be used.

Designed to fulfill strictest Aerospace Specification

The machine has a 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 3 m peening enclosure, is fully programmable and operates automatically to the highest standards of precision - meeting the strict requirements of CFMI, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric aerospace specifications. It incorporates 6-axis robot nozzle manipulator. The machine also has an indexing component turntable which moves automatically. Additionally, a special spindle BR1-10 system for the high-precision processing of small holes, slots and internal bores down to 6 mm in diameter is also included. This provides a total of 8 adjustable processing axes.

Closed-loop System for important Peening Parameters

In-cycle shot size-and-shape classification is included, to ensure that the highest peening integrity is maintained throughout each peening operation.
3 high precision "G7" peening generators ensure an accurate peening process with their dedicated air pressure, air flow and shot flow close-loop regulation.
Other important features include: a pneumatic media recovery floor; a precision indexing component turntable, a roof opening with specific flap arrangement which allows an easy loading  and unloading component with an overhead hoist; and special acoustic construction to minimise external noise levels.
Members of the CRMA, subsidiary of AIR FRANCE and USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann have a close working relationship built up over several years, and together have selected "the must" of the abrasive blasting and shot peening operating and control techniques used widely today throughout the aeroengine rebuild and maintenance sectors to build this "MP 2200" shot peening facility.

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