VOL. 8 July ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - July Issue - Year 2007
PaintExpo – Growth is Plainly Foreseeable

Oberboihingen – Suppliers of products and services covering all aspects of industrial coatings technology have found a new “trade fair home” in Germany at PaintExpo. After a successful premiere event in October 2006, the promoters have already received more than 140 signed exhibition contracts for the 2nd international trade fair for industrial coatings technology which will take place in Karlsruhe from the 11th through the 14th of March, 2008. And the list of exhibitors includes nearly all of the industry’s “heavyweights” in the areas of systems and application technology. It’s also interesting to note that numerous companies from both inside and outside of Germany who did not participate at the first PaintExpo have already made firm reservations for their booth locations.

With 244 exhibitors and 4917 expert visitors from 41 countries, the promoters of PaintExpo succeeded in presenting a made-to-order premiere event in 2006. However, the question remained how the international trade fair for industrial coatings technology in Karlsruhe (Germany) would evolve in the future. And this question appears to have been answered already. In May 2007 – 10 months before the trade fair opens – Jürgen Haußmann, managing director of event promoter FairFair GmbH, is already able to report more than 140 participating companies for the 2nd PaintExpo. And the exhibitor list is already studded with world class enterprises. Nearly all of the leading suppliers of coating technologies and important paint manufacturers are included. “PaintExpo is the only interesting trade fair in Germany for Eisenmann’s coatings technology division”, explains Andreas Dibon, surface finishing sales manager at Eisenmann, with regard to his early decision to exhibit. For Frank Berg as well, German branch manager for Caldan Conveyor A/S, there was no question about participating at the event: “For us, PaintExpo is the most important trade fair in Germany, and it’s the only one at which we participate.” But not only companies who were at the premiere event have already booked booth floor space, lots of first-time exhibitors have registered as well from inside and outside of Germany.

Broader, More In-Depth Offerings

The promoter has also announced that various exhibitors have significantly increased booth floor space in order to be able to present their entire range of products and services. Increasing manufacturer interest in the coatings technology trade fair is not only being experienced in the area of coating materials. PaintExpo is evidently becoming more and more attractive for companies who are involved with surface pre-treatment as well. Interest has also grown amongst suppliers of automation solutions and painting robots, and this indicates that explosion protection and work safety will gain in significance as exhibition topics too. All in all, the offerings presented by the coatings technology trade fair encompass systems, processes, consumable materials and services for the organic coating process from pre-treatment right on up to final inspection.

Expanded Training Forum

The training forum at PaintExpo’s premiere event also attracted a great deal of attention, and it will be further expanded at the upcoming trade fair. Exhibitors, associations, participants from vocational schools and technical colleges, and the promoter will take advantage of this opportunity to make their contribution to counteracting the shortage of skilled personnel in the coatings industry.

Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list can be accessed at www.paintexpo.de.