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in Vol. 2 - August Issue - Year 2001
Steel Shot and Grit for highest Requirements
The so called "atomizing" process during the production of steel shot and grit

The so called "atomizing" process during the production of steel shot and grit

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Beside the standard steel shot, POMETON can also deliver special shot according AMS 2431-1 and 2431-2, which are widely used in the aeronautical industry. The company can also produce a different hardness range according to customer's request.

Pometon S.p.A. first began manufacturing metal powders in 1940 and since that time has been gradually expanding its range of products. Steel shot and grit started rolling out in the mid-Fifties and the company has pioneered some innovations which have left their mark in the sector, including the development of steel grit for granite cutting, up to then done with cast iron abrasives.

The growth of a modern aeronautical industry in Europe also led to the manufacture of cast steel shot for shot peening, a sector in constant development for the Italian firm. Pometon now supplies shot for shot peening to companies located on three continents and counts many of the most important names in this field among its clients. Material is available according to either SAE AMS or to customer's specifications. Furthermore the quality system of Pometon is certified according to ISO 9002.
With its head office located just outside Venice, the Pometon Group has four plants located in north eastern Italy and offers a wide variety of both ferrous and non ferrous metal powders and granules. In addition to shot for shotpeening, their product range includes high carbon shot and grit, low carbon shot, cast iron abrasives and stainless steel shot.
For the powder metallurgy, welding electrode and friction material industries Pometon offers numerous grades of iron, copper (electrolytic and atomized), bronze, brass, tin, zinc, magnesium, magnesium/alluminium alloy, various premixes and other powders, whereas chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers will find magnesium turnings according to most internationally accepted specifications or, upon request, made to their own standards. A complete range of magnesium granules and blends for desulphurization in steelmills is also made. Magnesium, Mg/Al alloy and titanium chips and powders for pyrotechnics complete the range of products offered.
Pometon products are available through a wide network of distributors and agents in all major world markets, including affiliates in Germany, the U.K., Spain and Luxemburg controlled by the company in Italy.

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