VOL. 8 September ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - September Issue - Year 2007
Reliable Turkish Supplier Fetas Seeks For New Technology And Opportunities…

Based in Istanbul Turkey, specialized in merchandising with all kinds of blasting abrasives and vibratory surface finishing media and compounds, the Fetas Metalurgy Company, has got a very good reputation in the Turkish market and among many global manufacturers. They are well classified as a "reference A" supplier by various customers in Turkey...

Mr. Levent Tas, General Manager of Fetas was asked about his opinion for the future and his thoughts about the recent situation in the Turkish industry:

"Being a leader in this sector since 1964, we wish to gather new technologies and opportunities for Turkey and neighboring countries."

"We keep investigating prosperous relationships thoroughly with the esteemed global leaders in order to comprehend all our facilities with progress."

"We are in this  sector  to comprehend the newest technology and to improve the Turkish industry. For this reason we have been trading as a reliable partner with most esteemed manufacturers up to now."
"Turkey has got a very young and dynamic population. Economic figures are developing higher than expected. As it is known, our country is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia. And due to this profile we have realized many strong partnerships with different global companies in Turkey. After the elections, we as entrepreneurs believe that this significant improvement will comprehend more than ever."

"Turkey and its industry will intervene into a new developing era after the elections. And as for our company we will have accumulated more technology for the Turkish industry and the region."

"As for this I would feel glad to invite the esteemed manufacturers to collaborate with companies like Fetas  for prosperity in their future."

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