VOL. 8 November ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - November Issue - Year 2007
International Trade Fair For industrial Coating Technology Is Getting Bigger And Increasingly Global

PaintExpo On The Way To Becoming The Leading European Trade Fair

Oberboihingen – Although there are another six months to go before the doors of PaintExpo open for the second time, over 200 exhibitors have already registered. They include almost all the market leaders from the field of industrial coating technology. The percentage of foreign trade fair participants has also gone up. As a result, the 2nd PaintExpo, which will be held in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany from the 11th to the 14th March 2008, is probably going to present the broadest and most varied range of products along the entire process chain for wet painting, powder coating and coil coating in Europe.

The advantages of smaller trade fairs with a clearly structured range of topics are also apparently convincing more and more internationally-active companies. The high number of participants registering for PaintExpo certainly seems to suggest this. The international trade fair is already going to occupy more space than last year and market leaders from just about every field of industrial coating technology can be found on the list of exhibitors. For Jürgen Haußmann, managing director of the company FairFair GmbH organizing the trade fair, the reasons are obvious: “By concentrating on the process chain of industrial coating technology, exhibitors will gain much more from taking part in the trade fair because of the high quality of specialist visitors. Costs will also probably be lower compared to polytechnic trade fairs“.
As a result, the event which will be held at the Karlsruhe exhibition center from the 11th to the 14th March 2008, will be presenting a broader international spectrum of products related to wet painting, powder coating and coil coating than any multi-theme trade fair in Europe. The portfolio of the coating technology trade fair comprises equipment, techniques, coatings, paint robots as well as automated solutions, consumer materials and services for organic coating processes ranging from pre-treatment right up to final inspection.

Technology platform with a high benefit value

The demand to increase cost-effectiveness whilst at the same time improving quality and eco friendliness is even at the top of the list of priorities of in-house coating companies and job-shop coaters. Functioning as a technology platform for coating technology, PaintExpo provides a comprehensive overview not only of current trends but also of the latest developments. Among other things, these include the desire to speed up the coating process for metal and plastic components and to reduce coating processes. One way of achieving this goal would be to replace the traditional three-coat method of primer, base coat and top coat with just two coats. For example, in the process of changing over from the use of solvent-based to water-based wet-painting systems when coating plastic parts, attempts are now being made to integrate the primer into the water base coat. There is also a trend towards implementing so-called low-temperature powder coating systems to coat parts for both internal and external use. These systems are not only environmentally friendlier and more efficient with regard to the utilization of powder coating materials, they also require much less energy and could even increase productivity.
As far as the topic of appearances is concerned, matt liquid coating lacquers are increasingly being used to coat light alloy wheel rims. The coating industry has now come up with an alternative using a matt-finished powder coat which opens up completely new design possibilities, not only for coating wheels but also for coating a whole range of other (automotive) metal and plastic parts.
In the fields of application technology and paint robots, new developments are helping to improve quality and increase eco friendliness whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

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