VOL. 8 November ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - November Issue - Year 2007
Multi-Zone Blast Feature Now Available On Indexing Spinner Hanger

Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers a full line of Indexing Spinner Hanger Blast Machines.  These machines provide versatility to blast a wide range of part sizes and shapes on a continuous basis.  This blast cabinet is comprised of separate compartments that rotate between the blast zone and the cabinet opening for loading and unloading of the front compartment while blasting continues in a different compartment.

Viking now offers a new optional feature, a multi- zone blast.  This feature moves the compartments in a systematic way that orientates the part into multiple positions and increases the blast angles to provide optimal blast coverage.  This feature is designed for parts with hard to reach areas and difficult blast angles.  Other key features of this machine include a standard oversized hopper that allows extended blast cycle times and optional external cycle time control.

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