VOL. 8 November ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - November Issue - Year 2007
Coyote Enterprises Re-launches Website

After several months of hard work and revisions, Coyote Enterprises, Inc. has re-launched their website, www.coyoteparts.com. Improvements over the previous site include: pictures and specifications pages for most of the common machines Coyote builds, a parts and assemblies page that includes an alphabetical and numeric parts list, a page for Coyote’s popular Rim-Loc blast wheel conversion, a brochures page where viewers can open and print off a two-page pdf brochure, and a specials page that will list items with special pricing or availability. Jim Goff, CEO of Coyote Enterprises, states, "We knew we needed to improve upon our original site, and create a useful tool for our customers and distributors. Almost everyone we work with has some form of internet access, and this gives us a way to provide more information in a convenient and timely fashion. We anticipate future revisions or additions, but this gives us a much better base to work with, and we look forward to any suggestions on how to make our website more beneficial to our customers". Coyote Enterprises, Inc. is in their 9th year of operation, and has recently appointed David Horsley as their Sales/Marketing Manager.

For Information:
Coyote Enterprises, Inc.
27301 E 121ST Street, Coweta, OK 74429, USA
Toll Free: 877.659-8040
Tel. +1.918.486 8411, Fax +1.918-486-8412
E-mail: parts@coyoteparts.com