VOL. 2 August ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - August Issue - Year 2001
Shot Peening for the Automotive Industry

In the Spotlight

Ytstruktur in Sweden is not only offering the service of shot peening, but also lapping, non destructive testing, cleaning, blasting and vibratory polishing.

The Swedish peening job shop Ytstruktur in Arboga had an opportunity to extend its activities within the automotive industry. The company has received orders from different automotive manufacturers to peen gears, shafts and transmission parts. All together, about 100'000 pieces a year have to be treated.

The requirements of the automotive industry are different compared to the ones coming from the aviation industry. The automotive industry is dealing with much larger batch numbers and no repair jobs are carried out. Turn around times are of course also  a priority issue. However, looking at the  huge batch size, the cost per piece is naturally an important factor. Therefore, for a peening job shop it is important to have the right machine for each application to be able to make a competitive proposal. The Swedish company has a choice between 9 machines starting from simple manual peening equipment up to a machine with a 6 axis CNC robot.

Rotary Table Peening Machine

For this particular application a programmable rotary table machine is used. The peening machine has a pressure fed system, 8 revolving satellites and a vertical oscillator allowing a stroke of up to 800mm. Depending on the type of gears, shafts and transmissions parts to be peened, up to 4 nozzles are in operation. The coverage for those parts is 200% and the intensity ranges from 0.2-0.45 Amm.

More and More Peening in the Automotive Industry

Since fuel consumption of cars is of increasing importance to sell cars, the automotive industry is trying to use all means to design lighter cars without jeopardizing performance. Peening is certainly one of the few technical solutions which allow an increase of the fatigue life without adding weights. And knowing that depending on the application an increase of fatigue life of up to 30 times have been reported, it is no surprise that the automotive industry is taking advantage of effect of peening. The range of possible parts to be peened can range from springs, gears,   stabilizers, tooth wheels, shafts, transmission parts, pigions etc.. Or in general all high performance parts made of metal can certainly benefit from the effect of peening.

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