VOL. 7 January ISSUE YEAR 2006

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in Vol. 7 - January Issue - Year 2006
A Warm Welcome To Our New Chief Editor Andrzej Wojtas!
Chief Editor Andrzej Wojtas

Chief Editor Andrzej Wojtas

For the MFN editorial office it was very fortunate that somebody of the MFN team was chosen to become the new Chief Editor. Andrzej has been a Scientific Adviser for MFN since late 2004. He has been very appreciated by the team, not just for his knowledge, but also for having a very likeable personality.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Wroclaw in Poland. After moving to the Netherlands he continued at the Department of Materials Engineering at the Delft University of Technology where in 1989 he presented his Master‘s thesis on the evaluation of residual stresses using the Barkhausen Noise Analysis. He then joined American Stress Technologies Inc. as applications engineer and continued in research and marketing. In 1992 he moved to Germany from where he supported the European customers of Stresstech Oy in fundamental research and industrial applications of BNA. After years of research and numerous publications he presented his doctor‘s dissertation at the Military Institute of Armoured Vehicle and Automobile Technology, in Poland. As the Head of European Operations Andrzej is responsible for marketing as well as for scientific support for Stresstech‘s customers and sales representatives. He has initiated and chaired five international conferences on the applications of the BNA technique and participates in several European societies for residual stress analysis.

Andrzej speaks 5 languages fluently, has lived in a number of different countries and is refreshingly open minded. So
for a magazine like MFN, which is distributed to over 60 countries and many different cultural backgrounds, that is what you wish to have for a new Chief Editor.

The MFN editorial office would like to thank Andrzej Wojtas for accepting this position!

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Editorial Office