VOL. 7 May ISSUE YEAR 2006

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in Vol. 7 - May Issue - Year 2006
Our MFN Team To Publish A Book About Shot Peening!

Because of this very special occasion I asked our Chief Editor Andrzej Wojtas to allow me to write this particular editorial. It certainly does not happen every day that a team of 18 authors writes a single book.

Looking at technical literature available around the world, one will recognize that there are not many books about shot peening. This despite the fact that shot peening is considered a critical process and that, in many industries, it needs an approval to be carried out.

For MFN, a partner in education in Nadcap and which has been offering FAA-accepted shot peening courses for many years, this was the primary motivation for publishing this book.

The MFN organization, with over 20 trainers from 12 countries, wanted to combine all its resources in order to cover most aspects of modern shot peening. The final result is a book co-authored by a team of 18 professionals. This is especially worthy of mention: the common understanding that there is a need within the peening industry to have access to qualified technical literature and to create the spirit to do this together. This was a real team effort and each chapter is written by one or more specialists in that particular field.

I would like to thank all the authors for supporting the idea of writing a book about shot peening from the very beginning! All of you spent so much time and effort to help put it together. It was inspiring to see so many authors working together as a team for the same cause.  

Best Regards
Steven Baiker, Publisher MFN

Author: Steven Baiker