VOL. 2 November ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - November Issue - Year 2001
1st annual Asian Shot Peening Workshop has been successful
Merlion, landmark of Singapore

Merlion, landmark of Singapore

Guest speaker Jack Champaigne

Guest speaker Jack Champaigne

Class room

Class room

Room for the trade show, lunches and breaks

Room for the trade show, lunches and breaks

Break buffet

Break buffet

Booth of USF Walther Trowal

Booth of USF Walther Trowal

MFN and Electronics Incorporated joined their efforts to host the 1st annual shot peening workshop in Asia on the 13th and 14th of August 2001 in Singapore. Being a regional hub offered the right surrounding to attract an international group of participants.

So far no opportunity was available in the South East Asia region to receive training and fundamental knowledge on shot peening. This, despite the fact that there are a large number of companies, mainly in the aviation industry, involved in shot peening. Therefore the possibility to participate in a shot peening workshop was welcomed and well accepted. A total of 51 participants coming from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Australia and even France joined this workshop, exchanged their experience and visited the trade show. The workshop was held at the HILTON, right on Orchard road, which proved to be a very pleasant location.

International Group of Guest Speakers

The hosts have been able to attract a number of interesting guest speakers to this workshop. For MFN and Electronics Incorporated it was important to select a group of guest speakers who could represent the global activities in the shot peening industry. The following guest speakers had a presentation:
-Jack Champaigne
  (Electronics Incorporated, USA)
-Peter Beckmerhagen
 (Frohn GmbH, Germany)
-Rod Astburry
  (Pan Abrasives, Australia)
-Kyouochi Iwata
  (Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan)
-Rolf Picard
  (USF Walther Trowal, Germany)
-Steven Baiker
  (Baiker AG, Switzerland)

Topics of the Workshop

Certainly the topics are the choice of the guest speakers. However, prior to the workshop, the host did ask the speakers not to turn the presentation into a sales event, since that would be clearly against the spirit of the workshop. The topics ranged from general peening knowhow to auxiliary products needed for the process up to lectures about the actual peening equipment. Below a complete list of the topics introduced:
-Introduction to Peening and
-Peening Media
-Peening Intensity
-Peening Coverage
-Peening Machines
-Peening Audit Preparation
-Almen Gage Practice
-Computer generated Almen
-Conditioned Cut Wire Shot:
 Requirements, Manufacture and
 Quality Assurance
-Influence of Peening Media on the
 Shot Peening Process
-Air Blast/Wheel Blast Shot
 Peening Systems Overview
-Surface Finish after Shot-Peening
-A new Peening Application and
 its Control
-Problems - Discussion Forum

Trade Show and Sponsors

During the break time and the lunches, the workshop participants had the chance to look at various booths from suppliers of the peening and blasting industry. There have been booths from equipments and media  manufacturers, service companies, manufacturers of Almen gages and stripes, etc.. Those companies were at the same time sponsors of the workshop and MFN & EI would like to thank them for their contribution.
List of Sponsors:
-Electronics Incorporated
-GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd
-Frohn GmbH
-USF Sisson Lehmann
-USF Walther Trowal
-Baiker AG

Certificate of Achievement

All of the participants received a "Certificate of Completion". However, a voluntary test to obtain a "Certificate of Achievement" was offered. A very high number of 74% of all students enrolled for this test.
The reason why this test is available is that certain aviation manufacturers, which approve the special process of shot peening, do ask for operators and supervisors to be tested on this subject. The certificate issued to successful participants contains a FAA authorization number. In order to have a reasonable chance of passing, a re-briefing is carried out just before the test. The "Certificate of Achievement" equals the SHOT PEENER level 1 certificate. SHOT PEENER level 2 test will be offered in the future for those who obtain the level 1 certificate.


Most of the participants came from the Aviation industry. The following companies have been represented:
-Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd
-Airfoil Technology Singapore
-Asia Standard (HK) Ltd
-China Airline
-Chromalloy Thailand Ltd
-Eagle Services Asia
-GE Aircraft Engines
-GE Engine Services Malaysia
-GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte
-GT Industrial
-Growell Manufacturing Co., Ltd
-HAECO (Hong Kong)
-HAESL (Hong Kong)
-Hamilton Sundstrand Pacific
 Aerospace Pte
-In-Spec Corporation Pte Ltd
-Metal Treatment Services
-MTU Malaysia
-SAM Singapore Aerospace Man.
-Sing Tech Precision
-ST Aerospace Engine Pte Ltd
-Turbine Overhaul Services (TOS)
-USF Sisson Lehmann
-Wyne Tech. International

Next Asian Shot Peening Workshop

There will be a similar workshop in the coming year. However, it might be scheduled for September. In August there is  the "Bon Odori" festivity in Japan and it is the summer vacations month in Europe. In terms of location either Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or again Singapore will be considered. Both cities are very easy to travel to and can provide a 1st class infrastructure. MFN & EI will also try to have a larger trade show connected to the workshop to make this event as interesting as possible. In any case, any feedback from participants or readers in terms of possible locations or subjects to be taught are very welcomed. The MFN & EI team would be pleased to hear from you!

Voices from Participants:

"Besides teaching the different aspects of peening, the subject of how to prepare for a manufacturer peening audit was most useful. Many manufacturers nowadays want to ensure that peening operators have been really tested on the issue and to provide a FAA authorized "Certificate of Achievement" is a step in the right direction!"
Mr. Choy Hon Yin, Head, Cleaning/NDT/Inspection, Deputy Manager Production, Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL)

"The Shot Peening Works Shop provided a good fundamental knowledge about the process and the different types of machinery. The connected trade show was a nice completion to the class room training."
Mr. H. T. Liu, Senior Engineer Surface Treatment Section, China Airlines

"For Frohn GmbH, the trade show resulted in an unusual high number of good business contacts and interesting discussions. We were glad to have participated!"
Mr. Peter Beckmerhagen
Managing Director Frohn GmbH

"MFN and EI have created a new platform in the Far East which allows to transfer the fundamental knowledge of this industry to the users. However, it is equally attractive to the suppliers of that industry."
Mr. Rolf Picard
International Sales Manager and Process Consultant for USF Walther Trowal