in Vol. 9 - January Issue - Year 2008
Another Successful MFN Shot Peening Workshop in Singapore!

Eighty-six people showed up for this year’s Asian MFN Shot Peening Workshop in Singapore, the seventh annual event of this type tailored especially for the Far East markets.

The large turnout of participants testified to the continuous growth of aerospace industries in this area, both in terms of the number of new companies and in terms of the increasing sophistication and complexity of industrial projects. In fact, both existing industries and new enterprises have embarked on ambitious and rather aggressive expansion policies in order to keep up with the heavy demand for aerospace components and for finished products, such as commercial aircraft. One of the most important consequences of this considerable and rapid growth has been a huge demand for qualified and well-trained operators at all levels. Unfortunately, this type of staff is almost impossible to find on the employment market and companies have had to select among the best and the brightest young people just out of universities or other technical institutions. In a similar situation, the main challenge which employers face is how to bring these new employees up to a sufficient level of basic technical knowledge as quickly as possible and, at the same time, to improve on the level of training for existing staff who already have some experience on the job.
This is where the annual Asian MFN Shot Peening Workshop plays an invaluable role. The three-day event leads participants through three levels of instruction and training, integrated by hands-on demonstrations of certain peening procedures and by interesting guest speaker presentations. Participants who pass the optional exam also receive a Certificate of Achievement bearing an acceptance code issued by the FAA of the United States.

As with the previous six editions, the meeting was hosted at the Hilton Hotel, located on Orchard Road in the heart of the Lion Republic. Workshop participants were offered a poolside barbecue sponsored by Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd from Singapore and by Frohn GmbH from Germany.

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