VOL. 9 March ISSUE YEAR 2008


in Vol. 9 - March Issue - Year 2008
Manufacturing Blasting Nozzles For More Than Fifty Years


ESK first-class quality TETRABOR® Boron Carbide and EKasic® Silicon Carbide blast nozzles

As the world leader in high-performance ceramics, ESK has been producing boron carbide and silicon carbide blast nozzles for more then fifty years. Through our ongoing research and material development program, and by watching the market, we have steadily expanded our blast nozzle range, and can offer products of first-class quality and technology. ESK offers the two product lines TETRABOR® blast nozzles and EKasic® blast nozzles. TETRABOR® nozzles are made out of Boron Carbide (B4C) and EKasic® nozzles are made out of Silicon Carbide (SiC). ESK blasting nozzles are used successfully throughout the world.

TETRABOR® Blast Nozzles

ESK TETRABOR® Boron Carbide blast nozzles pay off thanks to their extreme abrasion resistance. Boron Carbide (B4C) is one of the hardest engineering materials available. TETRABOR® blasting nozzles guarantee minimum wear and have an exceptionally long service life even in applications requiring extremely hard abrasives such as corundum and Silicon Carbide. Boron Carbide is the choice of material for heavy-duty tools and blasting techniques. With a density of more than 2.50 g/cm3 offers TETRABOR® Boron Carbide clear advantages:

-Outstanding cost benefits thanks to its extreme wear resistance
-Low air consumption through minimal widening of the bore
-Constant operating conditions and uniform blasting performance
-Unrivalled service life with all blasting agents

EKasic® Blast Nozzles

ESK blast nozzles of EKasic® Silicon Carbide also offers a range of advantages:
-Outstanding cost efficiency
-Infrequent maintenance
-Constant operating conditions and uniform blasting performance

About ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG

ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG, based in Kempten, South Germany, and with a subsidiary in Bazet (France), is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced products and materials for industrial applications. ESK was founded in 1922 in Kempten. Our 18 successful brands and 10 specialized materials are the basis of a portfolio that customers from all key industries worldwide have come to rely on. ESK’s 15 current patents secure our technological leadership in numerous applications. To further enhance our lead, the company annually invests around 3 % of sales in R&D.

Since 2004, ESK has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceradyne Inc. Ceradyne is a publicly listed company (NASDAQ: CRDN) based in Costa Mesa, California, with over 2,230 employees at a total of 14 sites. Its sales reached USD 662 million in 2006 (around € 480 million). 

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