VOL. 9 July ISSUE YEAR 2008


in Vol. 9 - July Issue - Year 2008
ERVIN Germany Open Day

On the 9th of April the Ervin Germany Stainless Steel Abrasives Sprockhövel facility was open to the Frohn sales network representatives.  Over 25 persons from 11 different countries came to visit this site to learn about the  manufacturing process and quality assurance system.

Ervin Germany owns and operates the former BK Koch stainless steel facility, founded in 2005, which produces stainless steel abrasive media, both chromium and nickel-chromium based, using a proprietary technology.  Frohn GmbH  distributes this material through its sales network, in Europe and South America. (See MFN May 2008).

This event was organised to enable the salespeople, distributors and agents, selling the stainless steel media produced by Ervin Germany since January 2008, to better understand how the products are made, to witness the numerous improvements brought to the process by the Ervin’s technical task force and to be involved in the development plans being prepared.

Steve Cowling, Ervin’s Managing Director in Europe, welcomed the attendees "This facility is dedicated to superior quality, and efficient supply. We are committed to producing and delivering the best and most cost effective stainless steel media to secure and enhance our customers’ blasting and surface finishing operations".

Peter Beckmerhagen, Managing Director of Frohn Gmbh, emphasized  "The Ervin task force coming from the well known Tecumseh Research and Development facility in Michigan has triggered significant improvements in all manufacturing operations; this translates into enhanced product efficiency and life throughout the blasting process at our customers".

Dr Heribert Gray confirmed "Ervin’s product range is now matching all applications with the proper metallurgical structures and hardnesses. We are the preferred technical and economical choice in all industries using stainless steel media".

Erwan Henry concluded, "The Frohn-Ervin coalition has a critical mass and a global reach unique in the stainless steel abrasives sector".

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