VOL. 9 July ISSUE YEAR 2008


in Vol. 9 - July Issue - Year 2008
Benefit From A Leading Global Finishing Show

Since its inception in 1983, SFCHINA (The China Int’l Exhibition for Surface Finishing & Coating Products) has been endorsed by the “Finishing” industry universally.

As an annual event alternates to be held between the cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai every November, SFCHINA has now become the household name for this subject-exhibition in this part of the world. Thousands of exhibitors and visitors have benefited from the shows in the past two decades. 

The last event was held in Shanghai in 2007 – a total of 341 exhibitors from 19 countries/regions participated. The total number of registered visitors was 11,975 of which 10,727 were domestic visitors, while 1,248 were from overseas, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

A Complete Finishing Showcase For The Industry

The forth-coming SFCHINA – the 21st event in its series, will be held at the Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center (Pazhou Complex) on Nov. 26-28, 2008 in Guangzhou. As at 25th May, they have 37 new exhibitors. The largest exhibiting group is China (108). Next are Hong Kong SAR (34), Germany and Taiwan Region (23 respectively), USA (19) and Japan (17). It is anticipated that the number of exhibitors will  increase steadily.

The venue city, Guangzhou, is the capital city of Guangdong Province located at the Pearl River Delta Region (PRD). PRD is one of the most important economic zones in China. Since the 1980s, the region has been favored by worldwide producers to set up their production base in the region. Its export products rank the highest export value in China.

In 2006, the GDP of Guangzhou ranked No. 1 among the nine major cities in PRD (Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Zhuhai and Zhaoqing) with value of nearly US$ 8.1 billion. GDP of the nine cities in PRD accounted for 79.87% of Guangdong Province.

PRD's manufacturing industries are developing under a rapid pace. At the same time, demand for quality goods manufactured in China continues to grow unabated. Today, finishing technologies are diverse and encompass a wide range of industries. Suppliers need to understand the diverse needs of this market and offer new choices and solutions. Manufacturers should listen to the options being proposed, sharpen their perceptions and upgrade their existing products with the latest innovative technologies available.

As a leading event in this industry sector, SFCHINA covers the entire finishing industry, from substrate preparation to recycling. The show will focus on new developments and the influence of cost and technical excellence on the choice of coating technology for product manufacture. It will also address the environmental concerns that affect corporate decisions.

Classification Of Zones
-Electroplating & Finishing
-Coating Applications & Coating Products

Scope Of Exhibits

Finishing Technologies (including plants, equipment and materials):
Cleaning, Abrasion, Deburring, Buffing & Polishing, Conversion Coatings, Electroplating, Pre-treatment, Electrophoretic Coatings, Anodizing, Metallizing, Plating/Painting on Plastics, Vacuum Plating, Stripping Solutions & Equipment

Paint & Powder Coating Applications:
Coating Applications (including Paint & Powder), Spraying Booth, Conveyor System, Curing Ovens, Automation Control System, Robotic Finishing, Recovery System, Reciprocator, Other Equipment & Accessories

Coating Products:
Non-stick Coatings, UV Coatings, Automotive Paints, Powder Coatings, etc.

Environmental, Safety and Protection:
Washing Devices, Emission Treatments, Effluent Treatments, Dust and Fume Extraction, Ventilation and Air Pollution Control
Engineering & Supporting Services:
Engineering Design & Services, Turn-key Plant, Full Range of Control, Analysis & Testing Instrument, Consulting, Publications & Other Services

For more details see the official website www.sfchina.net.