in Vol. 9 - September Issue - Year 2008
Without Experience No Innovation
Stephan Klein, the General Manager of Franz Klein GmbH + Co.

Stephan Klein, the General Manager of Franz Klein GmbH + Co.

Blasting facility for manual operation

Blasting facility for manual operation

Fully automated blasting machine with PLC control

Fully automated blasting machine with PLC control

MFN had the chance to talk to Stephan Klein, the General Manager of Franz Klein GmbH + Co. in Mülheim, Germany

(?) MFN: In its third generation, Franz Klein, a private limited company and limited partnership has been successfully present in the market  for almost sixty years Is this an advantage for your customers?

(!) S. K.: Absolutely. For you will hardly find a firm that has more experience in the field of sandblasting technology than we have. And with this experience we are a competent and reliable partner. Most of our customers have been cooperating with us for many years, a fact of which we are proud.

(?) MFN: Is there a special secret to this success?

(!) S. K.: Not necessarily. I think that our customers appreciate that we know what we are talking about. We supply a highly modern technology, we are reliable, and most of all we only make promises we can keep.

(?) MFN: In which field has your enterprise specialised?

(!) S. K.: We construct systems that are used for sand blasting surface preparation and surface styling. This can also be smaller installations which are operated by only one person. Mainly, we build made-to-order blastrooms for blasting teams, automatic systems and industrial airblast installations of every size. Moreover, we develop automized processing technologies for a great number of objects that can be blasted.

(?) MFN: Do you deliver a blasting room on demand?

(!) S. K.: Yes, we do. Our blasting rooms are produced upon demand in all sizes and in a modular construction. In doing so, we respect our customers' individual wishes and create a perfect tailor-made solution, respectively. Each blasting room is a unique installation in accordance to our clients’ mission.

(?) MFN: Are these your own products?

(!) S. K.: Principally, we produce all systems and installations ourselves. Our team are not only very committed but also have great special knowledge because of their long experience. Therefore they can act very quickly and produce highly modern and innovative installations.

(?) MFN: Do you cooperate with specific technology partners?

(!) S. K.: Yes, we do. We have been cooperating for years with a few carefully selected partners. We have been cooperating with our technology partners for over 40 years and that enables us to offer our customers a large portfolio.

(?) MFN: Do you offer first hand engineering and production?

(!) S. K.: Yes, we do. For only in so doing can we keep up our standards. It matters to deliver the highest quality in each production phase. Our customers can rely on this. Our entire product portfolio is based on engineering, monitoring and a desire to provide the client with the perfect fir. Our ideas and designs result in solutions which are used by our customers worldwide.

(?) MFN: What is your special focus of attention when constructing a jet hall?

(!) S. K.: Operating a blasting facility efficiently is a must. Our systems are therefore designed that using the most modern scraper or hopper transport systems the respective abrasives are directly separated and cleaned to the circuit of abrasives without any loss. The abrasive returns to the circuit over an elevator system with a cascade and a screen. This starting-point enables the highest efficiency with optimal operating costs.

(?) MFN:  Which branch do your customers come from?

(!) S. K.: Among our customers are great trusts like RWE, Thyssen, Siemens or Voith, but our installations are also used in medium and smaller enterprises. It does not matter with which project our customer challenges us. We shall provide the right surface treatment to match the requirements.

(?) MFN: Why do you not only produce blasting rooms, but also offer a wide range of accessories?

(!) S. K.: Our customers appreciate that they only have to turn to one partner for all fields. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service regarding technology. You can get everything from us from the smallest blasting nozzle over  blasting hoses up to  protection equipment and spare parts.

(?) MFN: Keyword: ecology. How important is environmental protection for you?

(!) S. K.: Very important.  However  the strictest standards of quality and safety are valid for the construction and production of our products. We consistently pay close attention to energy and resources efficiency when producing our installations and systems. On top of that, ergonomic safety systems guarantee the security of those people who are working with our products.

(?) MFN: Is the environment also protected while a blasting installation is operating?

(!) S. K.: Of course, it is. Specially developed high performance filter installations and abrasive transport systems are at the disposal of the equipment of blast rooms. They are designed so that an escape of dust is completely prevented by a filter installation which is accordingly dimensioned.

(?) MFN: Has jet technology changed in the last decades?

(!) S. K.: Yes, it has. The environmental aspect has come further into the foreground, and the solutions are put to the test daily concerning economic efficiency. We willingly respect both criteria, for it is our  goal to use the available resources in an efficient, innovative and environment friendly way.

(?) MFN: Are you developing any new products at the moment?

(!) S. K.: We are in the midst of the production of a new generation of nozzles which will have 60 % more performance. Our customers may be curious to see that the surface performance of the nozzles rises with the same quantity of air.

(?) MFN: Are you still on the look out for improvements after over sixty years of firm history?

(!) S. K.: That is just the reason why. The knowledge we have gained in the passage of three generations is the basis for us to seek new solutions, for without experience, there will be no innovation, and without innovation, there will be no progress.

We would like to thank Stephan Klein for this interview.

For Information:
Franz Klein GmbH + Co.,
Am Bühlsbach 9, 45481 Mülheim
Tel. +49.208480755, Fax +49.208 487688
E-mail: stephan.klein@strahltechnik-klein.de