VOL. 9 September ISSUE YEAR 2008


in Vol. 9 - September Issue - Year 2008
LS Industries Rubber Belt Tumble Blaster Line Now Includes The 24 Cubic Foot 24RTB Model For Processing Metal Parts
VP/Chief Engineer Phil Enegren starts the automated cleaning cycle with the press of a button.

VP/Chief Engineer Phil Enegren starts the automated cleaning cycle with the press of a button.

The new 24RTB model, offers greater capacity for increased production rates. The rubber belt machine can clean a variety of metal parts. It also performs deburring, descaling, peening and surface preparation prior to or after other processes.
The LS blaster is built from rugged 1/2” steel plate with welded construction. Replaceable manganese alloy drum heads and liners are strategically positioned inside the cabinet, to absorb the brunt of the impact from the abrasives. These machines are built to provide years of trouble free service with minimal maintenance.
The standard blaster features an air-operated door for ease of use. Automated cycles can be added to the machine to streamline production and reduce labor. Optional loaders and conveyor systems are also available for continuous operation. Shot usage is monitored by analog readouts of amperes being drawn by the LS TurboShot™ impeller wheels.
LS Industries is a first choice alternative. Established in 1977, the company designs, engineers and manufactures metal cleaning equipment and continues to develop new solutions. A full range of equipment includes cleaning equipment for automotive/diesel, bridge, construction, fabricators, finishing, foundry, parts remanufacturing, powder coating, stamping, steel mills and service centers, shot peening and surfacing preparation.

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