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SFEXPOCHINA 2009 China (Guangzhou) International Surface Finishing Exhibition 2009

SFEXPOCHINA Organizers Sign Cooperation Memo

SFEXPOCHINA Organizers Sign Cooperation Memo

The 8th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing and Painting Exhibition The 4th Guangzhou International Electroplating Industry and Corrosion Resistant Exhibition

During its greatest economic boom, China has become the biggest surface finishing market. To promote the advancement of the surface finishing industry and enhance Sino-foreign communication and cooperation, the 8th China (Guangzhou) International Surface Finishing Exhibition (SFEXPOCHINA) is scheduled on May 18-20, 2009 at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong, China.
About the Exhibition

SFEXPOCHINA was first held in 2001 in Guangzhou. 2008 is a milestone in SFEXPOCHINA development. In order to enhance the cooperation and communication between domestic and overseas enterprises, and to maintain a healthy, durative and steady development of surface finishing industry, the China Surface Finishing Engineering Association Electroplating Branch and Guangdong Electroplating Association are organizing the exhibition for the first time, which represents a new stage in the development of the industry. Meanwhile, as the international cosponsors of the event, the Powder Coating Institute and Singapore Surface Finishing Society also attach great important to promoting it. The wide cooperation ensures great progress for surface finishing industry developments in the future. Also in 2008, the frequency of SFEXPOCHINA was re-fixed at two years. The exposure area of SFEXPOCHINA2009 will be 15,000 square meters for the first time and the visitors are expected to reach 18,000.

Accompanying Programs

SFEXPOCHINA2009 will focus on hot topics in the industry. Nowadays, the industry has encountered environmental pollution, raw materials price increases, lower technical innovation and short energy supply. Coping with those problems is a complex issue that demands broad-based cooperation at all levels. China Surface Finishing Engineering Association and Guangdong Electroplating Association are already working together to organize a series of conferences, forums and symposia to discuss these challenges. During the exhibition, the following accompanying programs will be arranged:

• The 10th National Conference on Plating & Finishing - the Electroplating Branch of China Surface Finishing Engineering Association
• Forum on International Electroplating Industry Development
• The 2nd International Peak Forum on Functional Coating Development and Application
• Asia surface-treatment New Technology and New Products Launch
• Forum on Environmental Protection and Electroplating Industry Development
• Electroplating Material, Electroplating Processing and Coating Company Evaluations and Awards
Meanwhile, the Guangdong Electroplating Association Annual Meeting and the General Assembly of China Surface Finishing Association Electroplating Branch will also be held during SFEXPOCHINA2009. Experts, scholars and concerned governmental officers will be invited.

Promotion Events 

The following Public Activities of SFEXPOCHINA2009 have been held:

1. China Electroplating Industry Developing Prospect Forum & Signature Ceremony of China (Guangzhou) Surface Finishing, Electroplating Industry Exhibition Cooperation, held on November 21, 2007. On the ceremony, China Surface Finishing Engineering Association Electroplating Branch, Guangdong Electroplating Association and Wise Exhibition Co., Ltd. signed the SFEXPOCHINA2009 Cooperation Memo witnessed by more than 200 representatives from associations, media and companies. At the moment, SFEXPOCHINA2009 was announced officially.

2. Guangdong Electroplating Association and Guangzhou Electroplating Association Annual Meeting 2008, SFEXPOCHINA2009 Organizer Committee Working Meeting, held on March 29. 2008. More than 300 representatives of Guangdong Electroplating Association members and associated associations attended.

3. China Surface Finishing Engineering Association Electroplating Branch Local Chairman and Sectary General Meeting & Guangzhou and Hong Kong Surface Finishing Industry Representative Dinner Party, held from May 29 to May 31, 2008. At the meeting, China Surface Finishing Engineering Association Electroplating Branch called on its members to respond to SFEXPOCHINA2009. The meeting and party let the members know more about SFEXPOCHIAN2009 and deeply influenced their participation.

4. Promote SFEXPOCHINA2009 on Interfinish2008: Invited by Interfinish2008, the SFEXPOCHINA2009 Organizer Committee presented at Interfinish2008 held in Korea during June 16-19, 2008. SFEXPOCHINA2009 was introduced to associations and companies of Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany etc.

5. Development and Application of Functional Coating Peak Forum 2008 & International Surface Coating Association Council and Professor Party held from June 27 to 29, 2008. As the sponsor, SFEXPOCHINA2009 Organizer Committee gave an exhibition report and invited the attendees to participate in SFEXPOCHINA2009. 

High Quality Visitors

Visitors from the following industry sectors will be invited: electrical and electronic appliances, furniture, lighting, automotive and components, IT, digital products, PCBs, toys, watches, construction, hardware, etc.
1. Visitor Group organized by domestic and overseas associations, chambers of commerce
2. SFEXPOCHINA2009 Visitor Organization. Based on powerful databases, visitors’ information will be analyzed, checked, renewed and perfected by Information Center, moreover, Admission Ticket, Exhibition News will be posted, as well as emails will be gone out to visitors.
3. Buyers Invitation: potential buyers, according to the exhibitor investigation, will be invited directly by Information Center
4. Concurrent Events: to attract visitors by holding kinds of forums, conferences, symposia etc

Leading Exhibitors 

SFEXPOCHINA2009 has been widely watched by the industry, the following leading companies have decided to show at the exhibition as a result of the good work done by SFEXPOCHINA2009 Organizing Committee: Atotech, Reach Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Winstar Chemicals Co., Ltd. , Plating Engineering & Chemicals Co., Ltd (PENC) , Guo Ji Chemical Limited, Guangzhou Sanfu Chemical Industry Co. Ltd , Enthone, Nordson, ITW/Gema, Geway Limited

Electroplating Processing Zone

A special area, Electroplating Processing Zone, will be arranged. The following will be displayed:
• Surface Finishing, Electroplating Processing Techniques and Craft
• Production Capacity, Business Value, Company Culture
• Techniques related to lower energy consumption, Clean Production
• Electroplating Industry Park, Investment Introduction
Currant exhibitors of plating processing, mainly come from South China, are HUI YANG LUEN FUNG Electroplating Limited,Pan Yu Guan Sheng (electroplate) Co. Ltd,Fulong Electroplating Co., Ltd.,etc.

At SFEXPOCHINA2009 you will find the latest and most updated surface treatment and plating technology, galvanization, raw materials, processing equipment and corrosion prevention technology. The organizers have made it not simply an exhibition, but have included a series of forums, seminars and technology promotions.
SFEXPOCHINA2009 must be the most remarkable pageant in China. Guangzhou, where the business, the market and the friendships are! We sincerely invite you to participate!

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