VOL. 2 November ISSUE YEAR 2001

Science Update

in Vol. 2 - November Issue - Year 2001
International Conference on Shot Peening ICSP8

Scope of the Conference

The Conference will cover all aspects of the Science, Technology and Application of Shot Peening, and is intended to attract users and manufacturers as well as scientists working in the field of "Materials Treatment by Shot Peening". Emphasis will be put on the current state of knowledge and research.
Shot peening has been proved to be a powerful instrument in enhancing the resistance of materials to various kinds of stress-induced damage, particularly against damage due to cyclic loading (fatigue) in air or in aggressive environments.

As shot peening can be used for a wide variety of structural components irrespective of shape and dimensions, the number of shot peening applications in many industrial branches is increasing.
The use of peen forming as a technique to form large metal parts into complicated shapes is also increasing, particularly in the aerospace industry.
ICSP8 is the eighth in a series of international conferences (1981 Paris, 1984 Chicago, 1987 Garmisch-Parten-kirchen, 1990 Tokyo, 1993 Oxford, 1996 San Francisco, 1999 Warsaw) and offers scientists and engineers a unique opportunity to update their knowledge on shot peening.


• Applications
• Techniques
• Controlling
• Surface Layer Properties
• Fatigue of Fe- and Ni-based Alloys
• Fatigue of Light-Weight Alloys
• Stress Corrosion Cracking
• Corrosion Fatigue
• Fretting Fatigue
• Peen Forming
• Modelling
• Comparison with Alternative Mechanical Surface Treatments

Conference Location

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, once host to the Olympic winter games, is a popular resort and winter-sports centre in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, 100 km south of Munich, Germany. Steeped in true Bavarian atmosphere, the town is embedded in a beautiful landscape. The accompanying persons' program is intended to bring participants and those accompanying them together and establish a very cordial atmosphere.


The papers presented at the conference will be published in a proceedings volume which will be available at the conference. The language of the proceedings is English. Detailed instructions for the authors will be available online.

Plenary Papers

The following speakers have already enrolled:
• Automotive Applications
P. Hutmann, BMW AG München, Germany
•Aircraft Applications
S. Karnowski, MTU München, Germany
D. Lombardo, GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinatti, USA
• Surface Layer Properties
V. Schulze, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany
•Fatigue I of Fe- and Ni-Based Alloys
J.-F. Flavenot, CETIM Senlis, France
•Fatigue II of Light-Weight Alloys
J. K. Gregory, Technische Universität München, Germany
•Stress Corrosion Cracking,
D. Kirk, Coventry University, United Kingdom
•Peen Forming
P. O'Hara, MIC New Bury, UK
•Modeling I of Surface Layer Properties,  R. Fathallah, Ecole National des Ingénieurs de Montastir, Tunesia
•Modeling II of Fatigue Behavior
M. Tufft, GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinatti, USA
•Comparison with Alternative Mechanical Surface Treatments
T. Suzuki, Honda Engineering Ltd., Japan


Companies will have the opportunity to exhibit their products in the foyer of the lecture hall.

L. Wagner (Chairman)
E-mail: wagner@tu-cottbus.de