VOL. 10 January ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - January Issue - Year 2009
MFN Combines Shot Peening and Mass Finishing Technology Workshop & Trade Show in One Event

MFN organised its 8th Asian Shot Peening Workshop and Trade Show in Singapore from 17 to 20 November 2008. MFN had completely restructured its shot peening courses in the spring of 2008 and now has 3 individual courses for levels 1 to 3. To cope with this new structure, additional class rooms were made available.

In the same period and location, MFN also held its first Mass Finishing Technology Workshop, which took place on November 17th.

A total of 71 people from 13 countries decided to join this combined event. Most of the participants came from the aviation and surface preparation industries.

In conjunction with the training, the participants had access to a trade show with a total of 14 booths. Equipment, media and accessories suppliers as well as service providers used this opportunity to display their products. The trade show area was sold out. In 2008 MFN will have organised over 25 workshops in 14 countries and well over 40 on-site training sessions.

MFN is a partner in education in Nadcap and all MFN courses are accepted by the FAA. Furthermore, MFN is an official sponsor of FEMS (Federation of European Materials Societies) and the official cooperation partner of the SF EXPO China.

To celebrate MFN’s new cooperation agreement with SF EXPO China (see also www.mfn.li/partners), which was signed this autumn, there will be a smaller shot peening workshop at the SF EXPO China exhibition. The workshop will be held from 18 to 20 May 2009 in Guangzou, China.

For more information concerning upcoming workshops, please also see www.mfn.li/workshops or contact us at info@mfn.li.