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in Vol. 10 - January Issue - Year 2009
parts2clean 2008 – Highly Satisfied Exhibitors and Visitors

Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning within the Production Process Inspires Visitors with Quality and Quantity

Neuffen – With 244 exhibitors from 13 countries, the 6th parts2clean presented the world’s most comprehensive offerings for cleaning within the production process from the 28th through the 30th of October, 2008. 4482 expert visitors (17.5% more than last year) from 37 countries gathered information at the event in Stuttgart (Germany). Thanks to the outstanding technical qualifications demonstrated by the visitors, as well as their decision making authority, intensive discussions were held and interesting contacts were established, which are expected to result in successful post-event business. With 1591 visitors, the parts2clean expert forum was once again a crowd-puller.

"Concentrated presence of companies from the cleaning industry makes parts2clean highly appealing for users, and offers lots of benefits. We don’t know of any other trade fair that ranks so highly", says Dieter Göller, managing director of LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH, who exhibited together with EMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH, Hösel GmbH and Mecanolav-Ridel SA from France under the Surface Alliance umbrella at the trade fair. And industry presence was indeed more highly concentrated than ever before: 244 exhibitors (16% more than in the previous year) participated at the 6th edition of the leading international trade fair for cleaning within the production process. 19% of the exhibitors came from outside of Germany, representing 13 countries. Trade fair offerings, which focused exclusively on products and solutions for the parts cleaning step which is becoming more and more important in the manufacturing process, attracted 4482 visitors to Stuttgart – an increase of roughly 17.5% in comparison with last year. Approximately 64% of the visitors indicated that they were attending parts2clean for the first time. Roughly 18.5% of the visitors came from outside of Germany, and travelled from a total of 37 countries on four continents.
Nearly All Expert Visitors with Strong Decision Making Authority

But it wasn’t just the number of expert visitors which resulted in enthusiasm amongst the exhibitors, but rather their high levels of technical qualification and decision making authority as well. According to a visitor survey, 57.6% hold supervisory positions and 89.3% influence company investment decisions. "We’re participating at parts2clean for the fifth time, and the event has gone exceptionally well for us. The visitors are very competent, and they know exactly what they want. Lots of visitors even brought samples or photos along with them, in order to clearly explain their cleaning problems and find an ideal solution. We’ll certainly participate again at parts2clean 2009, although Surface Technology will also be held in Hanover as well. We don’t meet up with the expert visitors in Hanover who attend parts2clean", explains Willi Schneegaß, managing director of ipros Industrie-Produkte-GmbH in Iserlohn, Germany. Nor is there any question about participation at the upcoming parts2clean for Michael Höckh, managing director of Höckh Metallreinigungsanlagen GmbH: "The trade fair has been very successful for us once again. As in the past, customer potential is still very strong. The automotive industry is somewhat restrained at the moment, but we’re experiencing growing demand for high quality cleaning solutions in the fields of energy technology and medical engineering, as well as in other industries too. This demand will certainly compensate for the inevitable decline in the automotive industry." "parts2clean 2008 went even better for us than in previous years, and we’ll definitely be on hand in 2009 as well", sums up Jaime Arau, managing director of Arau GmbH. Amongst other products, the company presented a new high pressure deburring unit of modular design with automatic loading station, which is right up-to-date where decentralised parts cleaning integrated into the manufacturing process is concerned.
Not only were suppliers of cleaning equipment and systems extremely pleased with the way things went at the trade fair – and all of the industry’s renowned companies from this sector participated at the event – exhibiting companies from other areas were highly satisfied as well. "For us, parts2clean is the world’s most important trade fair, because 80% to 90% of the visitors are potential customers, a figure which amount to perhaps only 5% at other events", reports Dr. Henry P. Ederle, industrial division area sales manager at Borer Chemie AG in Zuchwil, Switzerland. Dr. Andrè Thyssen, General Sales and Marketing Manager at 3M Cuno, 3M Deutschland GmbH in Neuss, Germany, came to a similar conclusion: "The trade fair is very professional and the visitors come with highly specific questions, or they need to solve problems with filter applications. The outstanding technical knowledge demonstrated by the visitors allows for really good discussion and contacts. We were also surprised at how many visitors from outside of Germany came to our booth. And that’s why we’re only planning to participate at Achema and parts2clean next year." Henkel AG & CO, KGaA has already registered for the next event: "In the field of surface treatment, our trade fair activities are concentrated on participation at parts2clean. The special thing about this event is the fact that practically all of the visitors bring concrete questions and tasks – and they come from a great variety of industries", says Lothar Warmeling, Surface Treatment Sales Manager at Henkel. Serge Tuerlings, European Technical Manager for Kyzen, also classified his first experience as an exhibitor at the event as a complete success: “We’re an American company and we recently opened a plant in Belgium. Not only were we able to establish lots of top quality contacts with users in the metalworking, optics and medical engineering sectors at parts2clean, we also hooked up with manufacturers of cleaning systems. And in addition to this, we found representatives for our products at the trade fair.”

Ideal Contact and Information Opportunities

For users as well, parts2clean is first choice around the world where finding solutions for more and more demanding cleaning tasks within the production process is concerned. 87.2% of the visitors were satisfied to very satisfied with contact and information opportunities offered at this year’s parts2clean.
1591 visitors took advantage of the opportunity to gather information by attending practically oriented presentations held by renowned experts from industry, economics and R&D regarding current developments, new requirements and trends in the field of cleaning technology. As a consequence, the parts2clean expert forum was amongst the highlights at this year’s event again.

Next parts2clean with International Convention

The next leading international trade fair for cleaning within the production process will again take place in Stuttgart from the 20th through the 22nd of October, 2009. Bookings and reservations for booth floor space which have already been received indicate that further growth can be expected. "This is also signified by the fact that demand for solutions and information resulting from ever stricter cleanliness requirements will increase in practically all sectors all over the world. For this reason, I also see further growth potential for parts2clean in even stronger internationalization of both the exhibitors and the visitors – a factor we’re of course working on", elaborates Hartmut Herdin, Managing Director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH. An international convention addressing the issues of "Requirements, Technologies and Markets – Worldwide", presented for the first time within the framework of parts2clean 2009, will contribute to the attainment of this goal.

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