VOL. 10 March ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - March Issue - Year 2009
Mass Finishing Made In Switzerland
Centrifugal disc finishing machine Polydisc SL35

Centrifugal disc finishing machine Polydisc SL35

Vortex-grinding rotary vibrator P30HF-V-A

Vortex-grinding rotary vibrator P30HF-V-A

As a market leader in the field of high-precision mass finishing of small and precision parts, Polyservice SA offers you the full spectrum of services: customer process engineering, continuous service and state-of-the-art machines and consumables.

In the world of precision part production, experience is the key factor. For more than 40 years, we have been offering our national and international customers complete solutions involving all aspects of deburring and burnishing small precision parts in bulk. 

An especially important step in the whole development chain for our customers takes place in process analysis and in our experimental laboratory where we subject the requirements for the products to be finished to detailed analysis and perfect the process already. This is part of our customer service and is free of charge.

Polyservice’s comprehensive concepts mean that our customers always have a single contact person on whom they can call for every aspect of the process engineering. Because industrial deburring and burnishing in bulk requires more than just a machine and consumables, we also offer solutions for gentle separation and drying of the parts after treatment and provide accessories for problem-free production.

The various types of finishing machines we are manufacturing, stand out for their ease of use, long service life and their totally flexible design. The shape and nature of your parts together with the type of finishing envisaged are the crucial factors in deciding which system and which form of process engineering are most suitable. At Polyservice, we distinguish between round and micro vibrators, between satellite and disc centrifugal finishing machines as well as between screening vibrators and drying centrifuges which can be used as individual components or in combination to make up your operating equipment.

As a Polyservice customer you will enjoy short delivery times and a long-term guarantee of spare parts for your machines. In order to guarantee that your production is never held up, we ensure repairs without delay or provide you with a replacement machine.
Our product range for perfect small part finishing is rounded off with the consumables section. We maintain a large stock of grinding media, abrasive products and home manufactured chemical additives which we deliver quickly and without any small order surcharges. On the subject of chemicals, the products we supply are invariably made in conformity with the latest environmental legislation (incl. REACH reglementation) and are all fully bio-degradable.

At Polyservice, you are very welcome to contact our competent customer support for all questions regarding the technical application of any of our consumables

Your success is ensured by our many years of experience in finishing technology for precision parts – backed up by the great commitment of our well trained workforce.

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