VOL. 10 March ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - March Issue - Year 2009
Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC names new General Manager

BATTLE CREEK, Michigan (January 30, 2009) – Paul Rawlinson of Prescot , Merseyside, Great Britain has been named the new general manager of Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC. Rawlinson, currently the general manager of Rösler UK, will replace Eugen Holzknecht who decided to hand off the day-to-day responsibility of running Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC effective February 2, 2009. According to Mr. Stephan Rösler, chairman of the Rösler Group "The selection of Mr. Rawlinson to head Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC was a natural choice due to his extensive background in the surface preparation industry which dates back to 1978 when he joined the Roto-Finish Europe subsidiary of
Cetema Ltd. as a process engineer."
Having worked closely as a supplier to many prestigious companies throughout the UK and Far East, Paul believes he understands the high expectations of our customers and attributes his own success to having a hands-on and flexible approach to finding practical and cost effective solutions to applications for which his 30 years experience serves him well.
Mr. Rawlinson and his family will be relocating to Michigan and he looks forward to becoming an active member of the North American surface preparation community.
Eugen Holzknecht the current general manager of Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC has served as the company’s general manager since October 2003.
"Mr. Holzknecht will continue working for the company, mainly supporting Mr. Rawlinson in his new role. In addition, in close co-operation with Mr. Rawlinson and the management of the Rösler Group he will be focusing on strategic and organizational tasks along with special projects." said Mr. Stephan Rösler.
Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rosler Group, is committed to providing the Total Process Solution, a single-vendor surface finishing solution, to businesses who manufacture, process or recondition metal parts. Rosler designs and manufactures all of the components of the Total Process Solution, including mass finishing machines, shot blasting machines, media, compounds, automated loading and unloading devices, waste water treatment systems, and dryers, in addition to providing aftermarket parts, on-site service, overhauls and relines.
Rosler process engineers, using a process analysis and development methodology we call "finding a better way...", analyze customer requirements and develop comprehensive process-based solutions focused on lowering manufacturing costs while increasing product quality. For further information, please visit the company’s web site at www.rosler.us. The site offers in-depth information about the company’s products and services.

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