VOL. 10 May ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - May Issue - Year 2009
A Sucessfull International Surface Finishing and Painting Exhibition in China

The 8th Guangzhou International Surface Finishing and Painting Exhibition 2009 & The 4th Guangzhou International Plating Industry and Anti-corrosion Exhibition (SF EXPO CHINA 2009) will take place in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 18-20, 2009. About 300 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and over 25,000 visitors will gather there. MFN had the chance to talk to Chen Yan Hui, Project Manager of Wise Exhibition, the organiser of the SF EXPO CHINA.

(?) MFN: SF EXPO has been making great achievements, is approved greatly by the industry, and is in the process of stepping toward internationalization. How does SF EXPO make it, especially during a global financial downturn?

(!) C. Y. H.: Actually, SF EXPO 2009 was launched the end of 2007 in an attempt to provide enough time for propaganda. Since then, cooperation with overseas associations and media, and promotion in domestic meetings and events in the industry has been widely enlarging the popularity of SF EXPO. Meanwhile, we focus much on our specialization and take the interests of exhibitors as our fundamental point for development. That’s why we think we can make great progress on internationalization.

(?) MFN: SF EXPO 2009 takes Integrate Resources and Create the Top Event as its slogan, and it is said that the resources of associations are the highlights. Well, could you please give us some pointers?

(!) C. Y. H.: As the organizers of SF EXPO CHINA 2009, China Surface Finishing Engineering Association Electroplating Branch (CSFEAEB) is recognized as the first association in China surface finishing industry, and Guangdong Electroplating Association is the most powerful Branch of CSFEAEB. As you know, Guangdong is the most prosperous area in surface finishing due to its dominant and thriving manufacture industries. The members of the two associations make up 2/3 of all surface finishing companies in China.

In China, the electroplating associations are necessary bridges between companies and governments, even act as governments. They play the most important roles in implementing measures and making policies in those fields such as clean production, zero discharge, technical innovation, project layout etc. To some extent, the development of a company depends on government policies very much due to the policy system with Chinese characteristics. So, the associations are well welcomed by the companies. In China, an event organized by the related associations goes much better than others. That is also the significant difference of SFEXPOCHINA and others.
The 10th National Conference on Finishing & Plating, held every two years by CSFEAEB, is also to be held during SF EXPO. It has a good reputation in the industry. Experts from all over the world will gather here.

Other company events are also arranged such as the 2nd International Summit on Application and Development of Functional Coating held by International Coating Association, Exchange of Korean, Japan and China Plating Industry held together with Korea Plating Industry Cooperation and Japan Plating Industry Association, MFN Shot Peening Workshop and the like.
(?) MFN: What are the exhibits of SF EXPO?

(!) C. Y. H.: Raw materials, equipments, technologies and services from the sectors such as surface treatment, plating, and coating in the industry are covered at SF EXPO.

(?) MFN: Who will exhibit at SF EXPO?

(!) C. Y. H.: SF EXPO has been widely approved by the industry. Atotech, UYEMURA,ITW/Gema, Hawking, Norilsk Nickel, Dafen Daqi Metalgringding Material and the like will showcase their important developments. Further, the Korea Exhibitors Group and Taiwan Exhibitors Group are to show at SF EXPO for the first time.

(?) MFN: Finishing and Plating Progressing Zone is specially arranged at SF EXPO for the first time and it is recognized as the innovation in exhibitions related to surface finishing. How did it come about?

(!) C. Y. H.: Firstly, it helps interactive relationships on the spot. In the last sessions, we learnt that visitors from the manufacturing industry expected to find exhibitors from finishing or plating processing, however, they could rarely be found. This special zone provides a platform. On the other hand, advanced techniques and rewarding processes are in increasing demand with the development of manufacturing, which brings a market for finishing and plating processing.
Secondly, it attracts more companies by enhancing exchange and interactive relationships between materials as well as equipment suppliers and finishing processing companies.

(?) MFN: Are there any measures taken to invite visitors?

(!) C. Y. H.: We invite visitors via our media partners by ads, reports in magazines and on websites to enable visitors to get updated news, to invite visitors by holding promotions, networking and attending related events, and our partner associations also organize exhibitors group, and we have our own Visitor Invitation Organization. The members of our Information center will post and email Entrance Admission as well as Exhibition News to visitors before hand. Besides, to enable the visitors visit easily, some exhibits will be released on event websites prior to SF EXPO opening.

(?) MFN: MFN Shot Peening Workshop is to be held during SF EXPO. Can the workshop and SF EXPO benefit from each other?  

(!) C. Y. H.: The two can promote each other. Shot peening is an important surface treatment that increases the operating life of a metal work piece. A lot of high performance parts are shot peened, but also receive other surface treatments. So it is certainly a benefit to organise the workshop at the same time and location as the SF EXPO. Workshop participants can visit the SF EXPO and visa versa.

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