VOL. 10 May ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - May Issue - Year 2009
High Speed Opening for NACE International CORROSION 2009 Conference in Atlanta

Attendees enjoyed welcoming Key Note by NASCAR president Mike Helton

Atlanta, GA – The annual conference for NACE International, CORROSION 2009, opened March 22nd in Atlanta, welcoming more than 4,500 attendees to the world’s largest conference and exposition focused on battling the effects of corrosion on the world’s infrastructure.
At this morning’s Conference Opening, NAC E International executive director Tony Keane welcomed the audience saying, "This is a great week to meet industry experts, a great week to learn."
Mark Byerley, Sr., president of NACE International, then added that despite current economic woes, NACE International continues to grow. As of this Monday, he announced that NACE International membership had reached 21,235, representing a 43% increase since 2005, and an 8% increase over this same time last year. Byerley went on to say that NACE International membership and this conference offers those in the business a competitive edge.
Byerley then introduced Mr. Mike Helton, president of NASCAR as the NACE International CORROSION 2009 keynote speaker. Helton opened with an inspiring video about NASCAR and its technical focus through racing and its R&D facility in Concord, North Carolina.
According to NASCAR, it is the No. 1 spectator sport in the U.S. - holding 17 of the top 20 highest-attended sporting events last year.
Helton entertained the audience with stories about NASCAR’s beginnings on the beaches of Daytona, Florida in the 1940s, and how the salt and sand on early race cars may have been some of the early beginnings of how corrosion on those cars affected engineering decisions on both cars and tracks.
Helton noted that the influence of technology has had a major impact on NASCAR which continues today through its R&D center. NASCAR, he said, immerses itself in engineering technology through development of safety and racing, and that it even views green initiatives as important to its future.
NACE International the corrosion society, is recognized worldwide as the professional association dedicated to promoting public safety, protecting the environment, and reducing the economic impact of related to the effects of corrosion. Founded in 1943, NACE International has more than 21,000 members doing business in 110 countries, and offers technical training and certification programs, sponsors conferences, and produces industry standards, reports, publications, and software.

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