VOL. 1 September ISSUE YEAR 2000


in Vol. 1 - September Issue - Year 2000
Rotary Table Blasting Machine with 8 Satellites
Rotary Table Blasting Machine with 8 Satellites

Rotary Table Blasting Machine with 8 Satellites

NICOLIS AG in Switzerland is pleased to introduce its rotary table blasting machine with 8 satellites. Unlike machines which are designed for a special purpose to clean one or two types of parts, this machine can switch quickly from one part to an other. The repositioning of the blast guns and the changing of the fixtures takes not more than a few minutes. The multi functional use of this machine allows to distribute the cost to different parts and make this machine very cost effective. The equipment consists of an indexing turn table, 8 rotating satellites, with adjustable range of revolution as well as up to 4 injector blasting guns. 3 satellites are located in the blasting station, while the others are either in the loading section, the entrance sector or within the automatic blow-off station. As a standard the machine comes with 4 pieces of NIC100 blasting guns equipped with diameter 6mm boron carbide nozzles. During indexing of the satellites through the different stations, the blasting guns will be shut down automatically. In order to evenly blast also higher work-pieces an optional oscillating arm (150mm) for the blast gun will be attached. The cartridge dust filter which is connected to the machine results in a constant negative pressure, so no blasting media can exceed from the cabin. On request, air pressure will clean the cartridge. 

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