VOL. 10 July ISSUE YEAR 2009

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in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
Clever Marketing brings Business Opportunities

Especially in times of economic down term one should seek for concepts and strategies to improve the business on different levels. An ever pending target is of course to offer a better product, but equally important it is to maximise the means of marketing.

Good marketing is always a well balanced long term project. It is not really helpful to carry out a number of marketing activities within a short time, expecting a great feedback and then remain silent for a long time. On the contrary, such a strategy can even be counter-productive. There are a number of marketing tools such as press releases, advertisements, exhibitions, online banners, home page appearances, buyer’s guides, postal or E-mail mailings up to the everlasting Christmas cards. Whatever the decision for a marketing concept is, which of course also depends on a budget, it should be carried out regularly and supervised closely. The best home page loses its value if not maintained for years, or even worse, still contains old contact or product information. The same is true for advertisements, mailing or an article. It has no effect if only done once.

A good mixture of different marketing tools is usually most effective. This because one potential customer may be more in favour of exhibitions, while another likes to read print magazines, gets information online or by post. Try also to get the most out of a certain marketing effort by planning it well. For example, if a company publishes a good press release in a magazine, the very same text could be integrated in the company's home page, or used as a separately printed hand out during exhibitions, customer visits and postal mailings or as PDF attachment in an E-mail.

Also don't just take existing customers for granted, even if they keep ordering. Try to take a personalized approach to strengthen the relationship at least once in a given period of time. That can be either by phone, post, E-mail, or whatever seems to be appropriate.

Sometimes, small, but inventive gestures can have a great effect. Recently, while ordering some regular print paper, we received a big pack of fruit gums for our staff, combined with a nice note to thank us for being their customer. That was certainly not expensive but a clever way to be recognized. Because naturally it was distributed among the employees and everyone finally knew from whom we had received it.

Last but not least ask for a feedback concerning your promotion material. Is it clear and easy to understand also for people who may have to purchase thousands of different items and do not have the time to read through it from A to Z? Is something missing, which makes ordering complicated and can a customer quickly get an overview about your range of products and services?

Well, some of these suggestions are minor changes that finally could make a big difference. It may be worth  thinking about it...

Best Regards
Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li