VOL. 10 July ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
Wheelabrator and DISA Complete Merger

DISA Group, the biggest name in moulding and casting technology, has merged with Wheelabrator Group, the world leader in surface preparation technology, to form the world’s leading metallic parts enhancement company.  Effective from 1st May, the two companies, both owned by Mid Europa Partners, have been given official approval by the German Bundeskartellamt to complete their merger process, begun on September 4, 2008.
Robert E. Joyce Jr., President and CEO of the newly merged company said: "This is an incredibly exciting time for the company, our employees and our customers. I am confident that the merger of DISA and Wheelabrator will provide our customers with world-class technologies and local service offers unparalleled in our industry."
"In preparation for the merger, the management teams from DISA and Wheelabrator have been working together to combine the best of both companies. ‘Best of Both’ became a theme during the planning process, and now it becomes reality as the result of all the planning comes to fruition."
"Our central focus as a merged company is simple - enhance our customers’ metallic parts and components.  We will do this by driving down their overall costs in two ways.  First, we will focus on lowering their manufacturing cost-per-part and second, by providing a longer component life."

As a united organisation, DISA Group and Wheelabrator Group employ 2,500 people across five continents and together serve such diverse industries as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Foundry, Medical Components, Rail and Marine.
Founded in 1900, DISA is a world leading supplier of moulding, sand and core technologies, and metal surface finishing systems. DISA serves an international customer base in over 50 countries with an emphasis on industrial manufacturers, foundries and metalworking industries.
Wheelabrator Group has a reputation for innovation spanning 100 years and is the world leading provider of surface preparation equipment designed to clean, strengthen and polish metallic surfaces, Wheelabrator utilises airblast, wheelblast and mass finishing technologies to deliver these benefits to customers in over 100 countries.

Robert E. Joyce, Jr. concluded: "The combined DISA and Wheelabrator teams present a tremendous advantage for our customers. Our technology can be found in multiple industries throughout the world. Our breadth of technical knowledge and local service delivery mean that we can provide our customers with solutions to their technical challenges anytime, anywhere and in any language.  From East to West and North to South, we stand ready to enhance our customers’ metallic parts."

For Information: Vanessa Riding
VP Marketing Communications for DISA and Wheelabrator, Tel. +44.161.928.6388
E-mail: vanessa.riding@wheelabratorgroup.co.uk