VOL. 10 July ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
parts2clean – Solutions for Optimised Cleaning Processes in Production and Maintenance
Hartmut Herdin, Managing Director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH

Hartmut Herdin, Managing Director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH

Industrial parts cleaning is playing a more and more important role in manufacturing as well as maintenance processes. This results in the necessity for solutions by means of which the degrees of cleanliness specified for parts and surfaces can be achieved in a cost optimised fashion. MFN spoke with Hartmut Herdin, Managing Director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH, about the offerings presented at parts2clean, leading International trade fair for cleaning within the production process and maintenance.

(?) MFN: What are the greatest challenges for companies with regard to manufacturing and maintenance where cleaning tasks are concerned?

(!) H. H.: On the one hand, ever greater demands are being placed on cleanliness for parts and surfaces. At the same time, companies are being subjected to more and more cost pressure. For this reason, solutions also have to be found for cleaning which make it possible to achieve the required degrees of cleanliness in manufacturing, as well as in the MRO processes, in a cost optimised fashion.

(?) MFN: How can parts2clean help users in this respect?

(!) H. H.: Due to the previously subordinate status assigned to cleaning, companies often don’t know what percentage of their manufacturing and maintenance costs are generated by cleaning. There’s a great need for information on how a cleaning concept which is matched to actual requirements should be set up. parts2clean presents the world’s most extensive offerings in the field of industrial parts cleaning, thus making it possible for users to gather comprehensive information regarding appropriate cleaning concepts. In most cases, this provides the necessary potential for laying processes out more efficiently, thus resulting in cost savings.

(?) MFN: Which sectors of industrial cleaning technology are covered by parts2clean?

(!) H. H.: The range of offerings runs from systems, processes and process media for degreasing, cleaning, deburring and pre-treatment of parts and surfaces, to parts baskets and workpiece carriers, handling and process automation, cleanroom technology, quality assurance, test methods and analysis procedures, media treatment and disposal, right on up to job-shop cleaning, research and technical literature.

(?) MFN: Which role does blasting technology play in the trade fair’s spectrum of offerings?

(!) H. H.: Blasting is of course also part of the exhibition portfolio. In the meantime, large numbers of companies who offer dry ice and CO2 snow-jet processes, as well as high pressure water jet systems for cleaning and deburring, are represented at parts2clean. Frequently, manufacturers of blasting systems with solid media do not view blasting as a cleaning process. Thanks to its market strength and outstanding acceptance amongst users from a great variety of industries, parts2clean also provides suppliers from this sector with strong opportunities for establishing contacts.

(?) MFN: Which industries do parts2clean visitors come from?

(!) H. H.: In recent years, parts2clean has evolved into a global information and procurement platform for all users who are faced with cleaning tasks in manufacturing and MRO processes. In particular, these include the automotive industry and its suppliers, machinery and equipment manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, foundries, hardening plants, the metalworking and plastics processing industries, as well as the electronics, semiconductor and optics industries. And nearly all of the visitors arrive at the trade fair with concrete tasks in hand.

(?) MFN: As part of parts2clean 2009, an international congress entitled "Cleaning within the Production Process: Worldwide Requirements, Technologies and Markets" will take place for the first time on the 19th and 20th of October. What’s it all about?

(!) H. H.: Due to ever stricter specifications for component cleanliness and environmental protection restrictions, as well as advancing globalisation, there’s an immense demand in the industrialised nations and the growth markets for information regarding requirements and technologies in the various marketplaces. And thus from a competitive standpoint, it’s decisive for users of industrial cleaning technology to know which requirements apply within the respective markets and how they can be fulfilled both economically and ecologically. On the other hand, suppliers of industrial cleaning technology need knowledge regarding requirements in other countries, in order to be able to successfully penetrate new markets. The parts2clean Congress will explore both of these issues by means of presentations offered by world class speakers from various countries.

We at MFN would like to thank Hartmut Herdin for this interview.

For information: parts2clean will take place at the New Exhibition Centre in Stuttgart, Germany, adjacent to the airport, from the 20th through the 22nd of October, 2009. Further information is available at www.parts2clean.com, and for the parts2clean Congress at