VOL. 10 July ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
New Shot Blast and Vibratory Finishing Center in Stuttgart, Germany
Michael Kurz, Technical Director Strahlcenter Venetis GmbH

Michael Kurz, Technical Director Strahlcenter Venetis GmbH

On the 01.01.2009, the Strahlcenter Venetis GmbH took over the venture for impact metal finishing in Winnenden belonging to the Wheelabrator Group and now enlarges the business operations at the new location near Stuttgart, Germany.
As a DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified centre for impact metal finishing we offer shot blasting and vibratory finishing, concerted to the needs in quality, amount and logistic of the clients.
Because of the multitude of modern and efficient continuous production lines, priority for us is the highest possible profitability with consistent high component quality, also in great number of pieces.
Aluminium casting, stamped parts, forging parts or hardened steel parts, we have the qualified machine and process for cleaning, deburring, roughening or shot peening.
In the charge and continuous feed operations, we do wheel blasting on highly productive tumble belt, hanger and mesh belt machines.
As automated airblast equipment we use rotary indexing satellite table machines and tumble belt machines with different media.
Big and/or complex parts will be blasted manually in our shot blasting room or in our hand blast cabinets.
On high demand, continuous linear vibrators with integrated hot air belt dryer are available for vibratory grinding. For the charge operations, we use modern rotary vibrators  and centrifugal disc machines  with different media.

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