VOL. 10 July ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
Would Your Ground or Finished Material Surface be More Accurate in 3D?
InfiniteFocus 3D surface Characterisation

InfiniteFocus 3D surface Characterisation

The 3D Characterisation of surfaces (S parameters) has become very important in the understanding of how a surface performs in use. This approach is quickly replacing the standard roughness measurements (Ra) which provides information in a 2 dimensional single line format. But this really provides little information about the real surface properties but more an understanding of shape and form of a single feature but not of the surface generally.
The Alicona InfiniteFocus is a 3D surface Characterisation device that allows the collection of optical 3-D datasets from the surface of a material, in natural color, allowing a range of measurement tasks.
This includes the traditional Ra and profilometry but unlike 2D systems data can be obtained to characterize the surface. This can include assessment of the surface to include volume of pits & lumps, ability of a surface to retain or reject lubricants, measurement and assessment of wear, measurements of hard coatings, and area measurement. All of these parameters are important to the understanding of the material surface.

Uses for this instrument, and its Characterisation results, are very varied and include, but are not restricted to, the evaluation of Metals, Ceramics, Dental Material and Implants, Failure Analysis (all materials), Forensics, Fractures, Life Sciences, Medical Devices Plastics, Polymers, Printing, Paper and Semiconductors.

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